Lost Ark: Course

Lost Ark: Course

His special capacity is that he can switch between sacred aura and divine administrators. In the Holy Aura he strengthens the damage of allies within a distance by 10%, as the divine executor he boosts his strike variety and strengthens his own attacks.

In the PVP subsequently, the Paladin is likewise birth solid. In our animal list, he occupies just the A-animal for beginners, however if you mastered the course in the end video game, it enhances in the high-rank PVP in the S-Tier.

Lost Ark ~ DON'T Pick Your MAIN Just Yet!
* Support will only be truly valuable via an inscription
* As DPSler in the endgame instead weak
* Bard has more direct healing


What is that for a course? The Paladin (Divine Knight in Korea) is a carcass with a sword and also belongs to the course of warriors.


The Paladin is one of the most useful and greatest classes Inlost Ark. MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch will certainly play him directly to the begin and also tell you what makes him so great and what to take notice of the degrees.

Of what game web content is the helpful? As one of 2 advocates, the paladin is a welcome visitor in team content such as raids or dungeons. With Holy Barriere she creates a sign for all players in the area.

  • As a fan in teams preferred
  • Brings many helpful aficionados
  • Easy to exist
  • Good defenses for solo gamers
  • Numerous AOE results

However, the paladin is rather improperly armored in regard to the various other warrior classes.

All skills from the paladin

Here we note all abilities from the Paladin. We have excluded the specific damage numbers as they depend on your attributes as well as sometimes the dispersed abilities.

Vacancy – Prices 38 Mana: Turn on your own twice while you assault and also cause damage for every single stroke

Lichtschock – 53 Mana: Hold the sword in reverse as well as make use of both hands to produce a light shockwave that brings upon damage.

Billing – prices 67 Mana: Storms 6m forward and also inscribing with your sword to challengers to cause damage.

Flash kick – Prices 53 Mana: pushes quickly 4 times at your setting with the sword and cause damage. Press one last time and create hurt once again.

God-sent regulation – expenses 91 Mana: Usage sacred writings to summon an enchanting circle of light. The typeface swirls in a circle and create damage to challengers over 2 seconds.

Sacred sword – costs 108 Mana: Collect the energy light in your sword and after that carry out a press strike that creates damage. Thereafter, light circulations from your sword, which also creates damage.

Light of the judgment – expenses 77 Mana: Barrier effective light rays triggering damage.

Sword of justice – costs 77 Mana: Allow a sword fall out of light at the destination to bring upon damage to your opponent.

Holy Land – costs 85 Mana: Create a spiritual country for 6 seconds at your location and also create damage with time.

Holy explosion – costs 114 Mana: Gather for 2 secs of holy pressure blowing up at the destination and triggering damage.

Cancellation – prices 101 Mana: Keep your sword with one hand as well as transform quickly in a circle, triggering damage. Then execute a terrible impact triggering damage.

Blitzhieb – prices 77 Mana: move gradually ahead and get your opponent 7 times.

Sword of the enforcer – costs 85 Mana: Maintain your sword with both hands and swing it to cause damage to skid opponents airborne as well as to initiate a counterattack. Make use of the skill once more to collect your toughness in the sword and create damage with a more bolt and after that ramming the sword right into the ground.

Heavenly True Blessing (Stiring up) – costs 127 Mana: call the solar display and create damage to opponents. The guard honors and all group members within a distance of 24m. Broken damage is minimized by 11% for 8 secs.

Holy Security – Costs 114 Mana: Use the Spiritual Light’s Makes to produce a barrier for all group members within 24m, which has x% of your optimum struck points as well as lasts for 6 secs.

Sprintschlag – prices 85 Mana: Setting on your own brand-new and also sprint ahead. At the end of the sprint, you swing your sword and also cause damage to your challenger as well as toss him right into the air.

Läuterer – prices 77 mana: get your challenger with a hands-free, cross-shaped strike. Produce damage with every blow. After that you turn the sword with both hands and also causes damage.

God’s rage – prices 108 Mana: call the power spiritual thunder that meets your tool. Add opponents to damage.

The Paladin in the Level Process

For the level process, you should lay in the equipment to the values Krit and Flinkness to increase your damage and your rate. You also have accessibility to the capacity to jump with you jump ahead and relocate so quicker.

With Level 16, you will certainly release the capability of liders. It becomes your damage skill versus specific, solid employer challengers. Otherwise, you especially use lightning kick as well as vortex in the first degrees and later sword of the enforcer (phase 24) and holy explosion (level 36). Spiritual sword, which will certainly launch her from Level 40, later changes the ability of läuterher in Singetarget Damage.

  • Level 12: Disperses the very first 4 points to recharge the abilities to open terrific wheelchair there. Because of this, you put more route back with the capability. Also, the initial 4 factors in lightning kick for the capacity law of the jungle.
  • To Level 16: is 20 points in flash kick to find out chain assault.
  • To Level 20: The following 20 factors enter into the ability to be lider. Here you abilities your finger and also divine punishment.
  • To Level 26: Right here you will invest even more factors in flash kick until you open the perk at 48. There your flash gain picks.
  • To Level 32: You invest the complete 48 points in sword of the enforcer. There skill her preconception, will of the challenger as well as larger blow.
  • To level 36: You invest 20 points in divine explosion, in the abilities rink fingers as well as substantial surge.
  • To Level 45: spends 20 factors in spiritual sword. You will be released right here preconception as well as weak factor discovery. Spends 20 points in judgment as well as picks Rune jail and starch release.
  • To Level 49: Optimizes the ability divine explosion and makes use of prepared surge there. Takes full advantage of the spiritual sword as well as spends the points in focused energy. There is also 20 points in God’s anger and also purchases the legislation of the forest and rumbling.
  • From Level 50: Tale plays so far up until you obtain the Awakening skills. Then you eliminate the factors from läuterer as well as God’s anger and also invests them in heavenly true blessing.

The number of proficient abilities varies. For Level 1, you need 4, for which level 2 you need 20 and for level 3 also 48 knowledgeable abilities.

Exactly how do I play the paladin most effective at the beginning? At the beginning it is important that you are constantly together your adversaries as well as put in front of you. You can make use of the most effective your AOE results to transform off challengers.

Incidentally, you can reset your abilities at any kind of time and also for totally free if you do not like a particular style of play.

Just how should I disperse my initial skills? Important when distributing the points is that you never ever have to bring skill levels greater than on level 10. Ability Level 4 is made use of for the first tripod, Ability Level 7 for the second as well as skill level 10 for the 3rd.

The paladin in the endgame

The Paladin (Divine Knight in Korea) is a carcass with a sword and belongs to the course of warriors. Läuterer – costs 77 mana: order your challenger with a hands-free, cross-shaped impact. Heavenly True Blessing (Awakening) – costs 127 Mana: call the solar display and create damage to adversaries. Important when dispersing the points is that you never ever have to bring skill degrees greater than on level 10. The supporter in the PVE: If you like to be active in raids and dungeons, ought to play the assistance paladin.

The fan in the PVE: If you such as to be energetic in raids and also dungeons, must play the assistance paladin. Here is the concentrate on supplying your team with shields concerning the abilities of holy defense and God-sent law. On top of that, you can create a field by Holy Land, where the teammates get 25% less damage.

The damage, in turn, comes through sacred sword, judicial and also sword of the enforcer. What do you think regarding the paladin? As well as how can you play the paladin exactly?

The emphasis of the stats is below on Krit.

The Paladin in the PVP: The Paladin is among the best classes in the PVP. By beautiful true blessing, divine security as well as God-sent legislation, you have useful shields to aid you and also your team members.

A detailed overview with explanations as well as the proper equipment for the advocate can be found on Maxroll (through Maxroll).

Regarding God’s temper and divine blessing, you will certainly additionally disperse some beneficial lovers to your group and also with light shock you set a solid debuff on opponents, which enhances the damage of your team by 10%.

The emphasis in regards to statistics is below for flickness.

However, the paladin is substantially weaker from the damage than a few other classes.

The DD in the PVE: Although the Paladin puts its emphasis greatly on support, he can likewise be played in Mayhem Dungeons as Damage Dealer. There is the concentrate on the abilities lightning kick, sword of the enforcer and divine explosion, comparable to the level procedure.

In the endgame there are various paladin constructs that you can play as well as we intend to present you quickly.

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