“Elden Ring” feels that more players can clear more than those from the previous flows-Miyazaki Hakko talks in Long interview

“Elden Ring” feels that more players can clear more than those from the previous flows-Miyazaki Hakko talks in Long interview

Sony Interactive Entertainment, has released sale is approaching From Software the latest installment of February 25, the British High’s interview article Miyazaki, director of “ ELDER RING ” at the PlayStation Blog. System of this work is, of course, a wide range of content to Review “ It Takes Two ” that was great in collaboration and recently played games with other creators have been published.

In this work, “ DARK SOULS ” the latest work of From Software, which has shadow hand and, as the company has become an action RPG of the first open world. Miyazaki said in the development of the first challenge was open world game, so far because to produce a sense of openness in the vast world while maintaining the game nature is also looking back it was a “trial”, the degree of freedom and progress of the search the order of, is that the company of the game has been adjusted with a substantial consideration for balance, such as boss battles to be the liver. It two points “of an increase in the degree of freedom” “tempo and the pace of progress of the player” is good and was a “major challenge”, but is that there has been a big lesson and learn in overlaying the development, respectively.

In addition, it is a picture making the color tone when compared to the previous title of the company is also subject to pictorial impression will be bright and vivid, and the result of which was also intended, and that it has adopted the open world, works of the theme is “high We understand that has also affected it is a fantasy “. However, intense in the dark, such as in the past work situation also means that are firmly prepared, he says Miyazaki said “I want to hope” to the existing fan.

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Then, Miyazaki works of fans and new players also are worrisome, it would be the difficulty of the game. Titles such as has been worked Miyazaki’s “DARK SOULS” and “Blood borne”, as it will often topic is also the difficulty of height, Mr. “ player is overcome adversity as the approach of the first place of game development it says that it is possible “to design. While with itself that it is typically really is the way the word From Software work = high degree of difficulty is also recognized Mr. Miyazaki, Let Me Hear Your wit is to “flop Layer, to study the game, what happens or to store the, I want to learn from the mistake. Game does not mean that I want too unreasonable to feel difficult, there is a chance of victory even in a rather difficult battle, you want to feel and proceed the game. “and then, things that designed the game, such as those feel that this cycle is” fun “.

For the difficulty of specifically this work is to talk to as a “do not take the approach of lowering intentionally, this time more and more I think that I be clear to the player”, the previous stage of the open world system adopted in conjunction with that spread the width of the stealth elements and actions, while an example and that can progress in accordance with the respective characteristics’ player, I understand that has to also enjoy design in a new player. In addition, from the fact that also has become easier to borrow the power of the other players down multiplayer threshold “overall clear rate has to feel like to rise this time” and says also.

Released but is this work to approach, if possible Miyazaki said for players be tired of waiting “, to avoid as much as possible spoilers and cheats, I want to enjoy a new adventure with a fresh feeling and flexible spirit. (Snip) comfortably at your own pace, we are talking about this experience the wonder of the world, and we would want you to “.

In addition, “ SKIRT: SHADOWS DIE TWICE ” and to have been developed in parallel, and that there is also influence from the same work, even with plenty of commentary about the boss design. In addition, and creators you want to collaborate the future, it’s been impressive in the play the game is “ It Takes Two ” recently (also own children, so he was playing), favorite analog game (especially Murder Mystery) because but recently has also been talked about topics other than “ELDER RING”, etc. that you do not play too much, please check at PS. Blog more information.

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