Black Desert Update 2.22 patchoties

Black Desert Update 2.22 patchoties

Update 2.22 is there black desert , the game to which players flow and enjoy all the experiences that it has to offer. Here are the complete information about the changes added with this patch. This special update contains a variety of changes with over 100 changes and corrections. Lately, many other Black Desert updates have been released. The following section lists the official patch notes and the wording of the update. Everything is new with the Black desert update 2.22.

Black Desert Update 2.22 patches

The official pat notes for the latest update Aware desert are as follows:

guild base servers

● Added content to enable the determination of a specific server group as a base server of a guild to promote the unit and comradeship of the guild.
– You can now select one of the server groups (except Season, Olivia, Marsha and Rupee server) as the basic server of your guild.
– Only the guild master can select the basic server of a guild by selecting it in the guild information window.
You can set the base server of a guild once every 30 days, so we recommend you to choose the base server of your guild with consideration.
(You can change the base server in the guild window (G) by selecting a specific basic server group and then confirming the change.)

  • All guild members can see the guild base servers selected by the guild master when they log in or in the server change window.
  • The selection of a base server eliminates the waiting time (10 min) when changing between the channels of a server group.
  • The addition of guild base servers changed the names of certain servers.
before after Group
Whales 1 Whales 1 1
Whales 2 Whales 2
Whales 3 Whales 3
Whales 4 Whales 4 2
Whales 5 Whales 5
Whales 6 Whales 6
SERENDIP 3 (Elvia) SERENDIP 3 (Elvia)
SERENDIP 4 (Elvia) SERENDIP 4 (Elvia) 4
SERENDIP 5 (Elvia) SERENDIP 5 (Elvia)
SERENDIP 6 (Elvia) SERENDIP 6 (Elvia)
Ceylon 1 Ceylon 1 5
Ceylon 2 CAPTION 2
Ceylon 3 (Elvia) Ceylon 3 (Elvia)
Ceylon 4 (Elvia) Ceylon 4 (Elvia) 6
Ceylon 5 (Elvia) Ceylon 5 (Elvia)
Ceylon 6 (Elvia) Ceylon 6 (Elvia)
Media 1 Media 1 7
Median 2 Median 2
Median 3 (Elvia) Median 3 (Elvia)
Median 4 (Elvia) Median 4 (Elvia) 8th
Median 5 (Elvia) Median 5 (Elvia)
Median 6 (Elvia) Median 6 (Elvia)
Valencia 1 Valencia 1 9
Valencia 2 Valencia 2
Valencia 3 Valencia 3
Valencia 4 (Elvia) Valencia 4 (Elvia) 10
Valencia 5 (Elvia) Valencia 5 (Elvia)
Valencia 6 (Elvia) Valencia 6 (Elvia)
Kamasilvia 1 Kamasilvia 1 11
Celia 1 Kamasilvia 2
Celia 2 Kamasilvia 3
Celia 3 Kamasilvia 4 12
Celia 4 Kamasilvia 5
Celia 5 Kamasilvia 6
Celia 6 Rule 1 Can not be selected as a base server
  • When changing from a basic server group to another server group or vice versa, the original waiting time (10 minutes) still applies as before.

Revision of the crypt of the resting thoughts

● The AHAB, which patrols in the crypt of the resting thoughts, are in rage due to Trail’s dark aura.

  • The Wolf and Bear Spear aids of Ahab Salon have begun to patrol in the crypt of the dormant thoughts.
  • They are very authorized thanks to the abundance of Trail’s Aura and must be treated with caution.
  • The Ahab Dark Chasers draw from Trail’s aura and grab adventurers out of the dark.
  • The dark magician of the Ahab draws from Trail’s aura to inflow healing spells on wounded Ahab or to inflow adventurers devastating damage.
  • Use rebuff attacks to interrupt the action of the Ahab Dark Mages and to switch them easier.
  • Sightings of The Dark Knight were reported in the crypt of the resting thoughts.
  • The dark knights are beings that have been spoiled by Trail’s Aura and, as soon as they are defeated, a little chance to summon Ran’Neil.
  • Ran’Neil is a powerful opponent who demands the greatest attention of all adventurers who dare to challenge them.

  • You can get the Debora belt and the abysmal view by defeating monsters in the crypt of the resting thoughts.

● Added a new accessory, the Debora belt that can be obtained by defeating monsters in the crypt of the resting thoughts.

Debora Belt AP Accuracy Weight restriction
0 9 2 +80 Lt
I (PRI) 12 4 +80 Lt
II (Duo) Fifteen 6 +80 Lt
III (TRI) 18 8 +80 Lt
IV (TET) 21 10 +80 Lt
V (pen) 24 12 +80 Lt

New and improvements


● ground roar – The skill add-on effect has been changed so that it is now applied to hits to the entire attack area.
● Solar Flare – Fixed a bug where the combination of balance or Strike Chain: Heaven’s Cleave is not enabled smoothly from certain attack movements.
● steady beat – Fixed a bug where the combining certain skills in the absence of perseverance that caused your temporarily stopped character.
● Black Spirit: Powder – Fixed a bug where the descent effect was not applied.
● war cry – Fixed a bug in which increase all VK for allies, the effect was not applied.


● Chain: Wind deal – The description added details that you now: Tearing arrow Exclusive to combine exclusive Razor Wind and.
● Exclusive: Penetrating wind (IV) – Fixed a bug where you regenerated no MP in certain matches.
● Wind Blade – Fixed a bug where the Down Smash effect was not applied to Attack 2 hits.
● Elfenwut – Fixed a bug where the effect increase all VK was not applied when it was used for specific skills.
● Elusive explosion shot (I to absolute) – Fixed a bug where the effect Invincible was used, even if it was used during the cooldown.


● Abysmal Flame (I to absolute), Exclusive: Abyssal flame (I to III) – The speed of recovery of fragments of darkness has been amended as follows:

Ability before To
Abyss flame (I to Absolute) Make six fragments restores when used during charging (available during cooldown) Set 3 fragments restores when you (available during cooldown) while charging use.
Exclusive: abyss flame (I to III) Make five fragments restores when used during charging (not available during cooldown) Make five fragments restores when used during charging (available during cooldown)


● rebirth: Schwächlingjagd – Improved, so you can now register the skill cooldown slots it on the user interface.


● Exclusive: Hangs Aura – Fixed a bug where the effect whole increase resistance lasted only 20 seconds.
● Blank lightning, roaring, Haling: Howl – Fixed a bug where Haling stopped attacking when you were taken while Hangs effect was activated.


So far, Must has Super Armor trade thanks to its excellent mobility over Chase and One Step Back and skills with increased attack range as Fiery Crevice, Below the Belt and Crust Crusher proved to be superior in so-called. We have tried to take this into account as we have adjusted the damage each skill in PVP, but after we have analyzed a lot of data, we have also found that some have caused Must’s skills too much damage while they met enemies with CC, Nevertheless, we have decided to Must’s ability to get to chain Hunting with skills that defensive effects have what allowed him his super-armor trading skills to maintain, but adapted its damage when executing these combos in PVP.
● made changes to the following skills.

Ability before To
Fiery gap (I to III) Damage -16.6% in PVP Damage -43% in PVP
Below the belt (I to III) Attack 1 damage -24.8 / 24.8 / 34.5% in PVP
Additional attack damage -40.7 / 40.7 / 48.4% in PVP Damage penalty -52% in PVP

Projection (I to III) | Blade damage by additional attacks and certain skills -18.5 / 18.5 / 18.6% in PVP | Blade damage by additional attacks and certain skills -46% / 46% / 46.1% PVP in

Must be amended so that now pressed for specific skills only LMT to be activated – Retaliation: ● Prime.
● Tiger Blade – Fixed a bug where the Buff super armor was applied when the craft was used.


By rebooting Madhya could now not only combine with Moonrise and Flow: Cloud Stab, but also use Ice Fang in Combos with Frost Pillars and Flow: Tip of Iceberg. However, we have found that ice tooth, frost columns and chain: tip of an iceberg cause quite high damage, which made the combination moon drive – chain: cloud engraving with the included effect forward defense less popular. In addition, and similar to Must, Media could cause large quantities of damage while almost ignoring the defensive effects of other players by combining themselves with Chase. For this reason, we have adapted to the damage caused so that you must run a combo after the first applicable rebuff effects to create larger quantities of damage.
● Changes made to the following skills.

Ability before To
Frost columns (I to III) Damage -42.7% in the PVP Damage -55% in the PVP
Flow: Lace of an iceberg Damage -47% in PVP Damage -57% in the PVP
Ice tooth Damage -35% in the PVP Damage -45% in the PVP

● Prime: Carver – An error has been fixed in which it was unusually slower with other skills when used red blade.
● Tiger blade – An error has been fixed where the Super Armor Buff has been used when drawn.

Witch / magician

The biggest changes that the restart of Witch and Wizard brought with them were their summons. In contrast to earlier, this change should be that the basic values ​​of the summoned creature will be influenced directly from the values ​​of their character, the feeling convey that their evidence grows with their character. However, we have received a lot of feedback from witch and wizard players that their incantations felt weaker after rebooting, where we found in the inspection that the incantations of characters with 260 AP or less were not properly influenced, so we have this problem with Update the latest fixed.

● New rule implements the attack power of the summoned creature.
– If the base AP of the Summoner is 260 or less, its evocation receives a fixed bonus AP of 100.

– If the base AP of the Summoner is 100 or less, the summoned does not receive an AP bonus.


● Changes made to the following skills.

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