Why heart problems to Corona

Why heart problems to Corona

Julian Nagelsmann found it modest until crappy up to highly crappy. What annoyed the coach of FC Bayern Munich so? The disease of his left-back Alphonso Davies. In the middle of January, the young Canadian after a corona infection, signs of slight heart muscle inflammations were detected. Where exactly comes from, you do not know that. Unfortunately, there is no label, said Nagelsmann. But it is likely that inflammation from a corona infection with a sporting activity.

Uncertainty in the case Aubameyang

Davies is not the only football star who had recently had heart problems. The former Dortmund Forager Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had been sent back to Europe after a corona infection from the Africa Cup. Gabon’s association gave heart issues. But after his return to the FC Arsenal and an investigation in London, Aubameyang wrote that his heart is absolutely fine.

Gimmick had pulmonary problems

Why is one more often heard of heart issues in conjunction with the coronavirus? So far, especially the lungs stood in focus – for example, at national player Joshua Gimmick. The Bavaria professional had at the end of 2021 pulmonary issues after a corona disease. Due to light deposits, he was not allowed to burden his body completely.

Heart problems reinforced with young athletes a topic

The heart has been more common for several weeks, even with young athletes, because we now have a higher leveling with the coronavirus and a high rate of new infections. Only then and through the fact that now more often young people are infected, is Heart muscle inflammation became topic, explained the Munich sports physician and sports cardiologist Florian Straub of the DPA.

Probability of heart muscle inflammation after corona infection very low

For the myocardial incidence, i.e. the fact that a heart muscle inflammation arises from a corona infection within 28 days after the infection, is generally around 40 to one million. That’s very low. From the USA there is a scientific work With 1600 athletes, which comes to the conclusion that about two percent of high-performance patients who had a corona infection also have a heart muscle participation. This has been significantly higher than for the general population, said Straub, who, among other things, the German ice hockey Band advises. But you have to be careful with these numbers because it is selected top athletes that were safely studied with a lot of effort medically.

How come to myocardial? The heart muscle ignition arises in the fact that heart muscle cells are understood in the accompaniment of an inflammatory process. This is a viral infection, first, regardless of the triggering pathogen, the most common cause explained.

If athletes have many competitions one after the other, jet lag and barely time for regeneration, the immune system is strongly claimed in this phase.

Sport Cardiologist Florian Straub

Professional athletes are basically endangered for heart problems. They are a lot with other people in contact and therefore confronted with many viruses, which comes with increased breathability. If athletes also have many competitions one after the other, Jet lag and barely time for regeneration, the immune system is strongly stressed in this phase. In addition, the competition pressure that can lead to do not seize sports break despite existing disease symptoms, said Straub.

The topic of heart muscle inflammation employs, among other things, in connection with the vaccine also DFB doctor Tim Meyer. The medical person in the spring of 2020 with the development of a hygiene concept for the German Football League significant proportion of the fact that the season in the Bundesliga and 2nd league after a coronary pause could be over.

Heart muscle inflammation are very rare as a vaccination effect, and they usually seem harmless too. On the other hand, they occur as a complication with a disease with the coronavirus, said Meyer in the interview of the Bavarian Football Association.

Time as the most important antidote – at least three months pause as a recommendation

The most important measure for the treatment of cardiac muscle inflammation is a break that the body can end the inflammatory process in peace. Only then and after incoming tests comes for Davies & Co. the return to full sports ability.

If a heart muscle inflammation is in the temporal connection with an acute corona infection, the specialist societies and sports associations recommend that you should take a pause at least three months. Every case must always be considered individually, said Straub.


Important is always a gradual restart after a sports break. > > Florian Straub The length of the pause also depends on the course of the disease. If the doctor or the doctor shows the diagnosis of heart muscle inflammation on the day X, then you do not know at the time, which will have a course of the disease. For simple asymptomatic progressions you may differ from these three months and with a slight Training already started after one or two months again, explained Straub. Important is always a gradual restart after a sports break.

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