Amazon – TCL 4K TV with HDMI 2.1 and 75 inches now on offer [advert]

Amazon – TCL 4K TV with HDMI 2.1 and 75 inches now on offer [advert]

At Amazon, you can get different 4K TVs of the Chinese manufacturer TCL, which are even cheaper even at a normal price, even cheaper. At this time, the low-budget model TCL B615, the slightly better TCL 721 with LED technology and the middle class fern TCL C727 with 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1 in different sizes. The overview of all offers can be found here:

Amazon: 4K TV from TCL on offer

Highlight: TCL LED C727 with HDMI 2.1

If you are looking for a good gaming TV, the highlight is the action of TCL LED C727, which gives it cheaper in versions with 55 and 75 inches. For 55 inches, you still pay €688.90 instead of 769.89 euros, 75 inches are 1.303.52 euros instead of 1,491.43 euros. Both sizes are nowhere cheaper according to comparison platforms, not even cheaper, even if one involves the very similar TCL C728 in comparison. The second priced price for the 75-inch version is according to Ideal at 1,579 euros.

TCL LED C727 (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) instead of €769,89 for €688.90

Gaming: The TCL C727 is a variant of the C72 +, which differs from the normal C72 (which is also distributed as C721, C722 and C725) by its 120 Hz display and the full support of HDMI 2.1. Unfortunately, we have no exact measurement data to input, but it should be less than 15 ms at 60 Hz and below 10 ms at 120 Hz, which are good values ​​for gaming. All and VRR are also supported.

Picture & OS: Also in the image quality, the TCL C727 cuts well. Its VA panel ensures high contrast and LED technology for improved color representation. On the other hand, it was saved in the peak brightness, which is hardly over 350 CD / m2 in tests. This is still a bit more than many low-budget TVs, but for a middle class apparatus rather moderate. HDR can therefore not be used properly. The operating system serves Android, the app selection is therefore great.

TCL LED C727 (4K, 75 inches, HDMI 2.1) instead of €1,491.43 for €1,303.52

More about TCL C727 and how he cuts out compared to the competition, you can read in our large TV purchase advice:

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