How to kill LePhantis in warframe

How to kill LePhantis in warframe

Elephants is a boss infested that you can find on the BROKEN DERELICT. You will need to create an abandoned assassination key, except when the mission takes place as part of an exit. To create an abandoned association key, you will need the resources below:

7500 credits
5 Elephants naval coordinates

1000 Recovery
100 circuits

You can find Elephants navigation details by running missions on the Orion Derelict tile set.

Elephants is a monstrous boss with three heads, each with its own thorax and its own weapons. Each of the heads represents a different faction in the game. To infest corpus head is armed with poisoned grenades that inflict toxin damage and can bypass Warframe shields. The infinite grinder head is armed with a huge fake it balances, while the Ancient Involved head pulls spores that explode to impact.

WARFRAME | Lephantis boss easy kill/ how to get nekros parts

The most important thing to understand about elephants is the mechanic of protection against damage. Unlike other bosses of the game, Elephants has a ceiling on the damage that a single shot can do and is immunized against the effects of status. This means that powerful weapons like sniper rifles and optic or are not very good options. Faster shot weapons, which make less damage by firing, much better adapted to this fight.

A weapon like SOMA or SOMA premium, modified for slash, blast and corrosive is an excellent choice. These are the best types of damage to face the fact that Elephants is a fossilized enemy. The preservation of ammunition is a concern, so be sure to bring a lot of ammunition packs with you.

How to damage ELEPHANTS

Elephants is immunized against damage except for small areas on each head. These will often be hidden, and you will have to wait for the head attacks to shoot. A Nova with a high slowdown is a good option to use because it will expose the weak points longer. A personal favorite is a long-lasting rhino, which can trample and trap the head in the middle of the animation, which makes it extremely easy to touch the weak points.

During the first step of the fight, each head will pull the ground and attack. Simply damage the weaknesses as much as possible and be sure to dodge the clouds of toxins. Small enemies will appear, giving you a source of energy and ammunition. When you make enough damage, the floor under you breaks and fall into a cave.

You will face the three heads at a time now, while Elephants stands in the center of the room, and you have to fight its true shape. Follow one of the heads and damage it until it died, then browse the other two heads. Due to the reduced risk of being touched by the fake attack against the other two projectiles, it is a good idea to leave the melee head until the end.

One of the three heads was destroyed, the fight is finished, and you can extract.

good Warframe to use

Rhinoceros is an excellent Warframe, as Iron Skin will protect you from toxins and will allow you to revive allies safely, while Stomp will help you find windows to damage the boss. Titania can use Razor wing and its pistols to do a lot of damage with the right construction, which should focus on the capacity force for Warframe, and the firing rate and damage for pistols DEX Pixie. GEL can use a well-placed snow globe to slow down the boss without interfering with the ability of allies to damage it.

The best advice is to use a Warframe with which you are comfortable, as long as this Warframe is Children. With its incredible low health basin and its dependence on shields to keep it safe, Elephants can simply bypass these shields with toxin damage, killing it quickly.

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