Company of Heroes 3 comes 2022   the main thing  Italy

Company of Heroes 3 comes 2022 the main thing Italy

A well-known strategy game series returns and according to the manufacturer Sega connecting struggles with new strategy elements — in a stunning Mediterranean environment. Sounds great. Sober sounds like this: Company of Heroes 3 appears in 2022 for the PC and brings the familiar, down-to-earth narration of the series to another war showplace. For the first time in the history of the series, players and players on the nig silvery and dynamic campaign card hatch in the role of a general World War General and change the course of the Allied campaign in Italy — on the battle! From a bird’s eye view, players meet decisions that affect both the tactical slaughter work and the course of the war itself.

Company of Heroes: Developer Diary

To round out the year 2021 with a climax beyond the Gremlins or Puck, manufacturer Sega has a detailed development diary for Company of Heroes 3 with the Game Shifted Relic Entertainment. Here, the gamers learn more about the origins of the new dynamic campaign card.

【Company of Heroes 3 // 英雄連隊3】Pre Alpha試玩

The developers of Relic Entertainment talk about the new systems, decisions that make players meet, and how the new dynamic campaign will affect the classic RTS gameplay, the gamer and love and love. In addition, the inclined virtual general learns more about new resources and mechanisms on the dynamic campaign card, such as partisans, air and sea forces, and how the systems work, so that the leaf in conflict is sustainable. Further information about Company of Heroes 3 is available on the Sega manufacturer page.

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