Government  next year  Metta bus  5 core topics R   D

Government next year Metta bus 5 core topics R D

The government will pursue a total of W25.9bn, centering on the 5 core topics for Metropolitan R & D (R & D).

The main task included a project to develop a key technology for developing ‘influence’ technologies, which is the current technique of audiovisual levels, and a key technology for developing ‘medium’ services in the metabus.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Department announced that in September, in September, we announced that we will put about 2 trillion won budgets in the field of met averse and block body by 2025. I’m preparing.

Lee, Jun Woo IIT PPM introduced the Tech & Fulcher Insight Concerts in the Tech & Further Insight Concert held in Yeongjae-dong El Tower on the 17th.

This PM said, The challenge of the metabus will not be solved as a few tasks, and now a state of organizing the roadmap from a technical point of view to realize the metabus, said that There will be an opportunity to tell you.

Governments and Its promote technology development corresponding to media technology, demand for media technology, demand for digital, non-inherited transitions and demand for real-time content and media core technologies for the implementation of the inexpensive met averse.

The business name is ‘real development’ as ‘real development’, ▲ fusion content core technology (4.296 million won) ▲ Immersive content virtual enhancement source technology development (7.4 billion won) ▲ Metabus virtual fusion (XR) core technology development (96) Development of Digital Content Commercialization Technology (290 million won) ▲ Metropolitan and Metropolitan Content is consistent with the five major details such as the development of the met averse media core technology (W2.5bn).

We have been announced on the day of six new tasks that are established until now. It consists of four challenges related to metabus XR, two challenges related to metabus media, respectively, respectively, respectively, and W2.5bn. IIT plans to finally confirm that the project promotion plan is finalized in the early year of February next year.

‘Former Background Matching 3D Object Streaming Technology Development’ Challenge is conducted to develop technologies for real-time delivery of the met averse of various three-dimensional content, which supports the field and immersive sense. Sol Patrick’s Image Background and Multiple Dynamic 3D Human Objects (foreground) models plan to develop real-time creation, compression, streaming, matching, and playback platform technologies.

The relevant task aims to fulfill within four years in a competitive R & D method. The budget supports 6 billion won, respectively, and within 12 billion won, respectively, and for four years, it supports within a total of W6bn in total. Small and medium-sized companies can participate in this challenge.

‘XR User Interaction Assessment and Application Technology Development’ is a business for training and training metabus services. In order to enhance the effectiveness of XR interaction-based training in met averse space, we plan to develop a model for evaluating and reflecting the response to the user experience in the metabus in the met averse.

Within four years, it supports a total of W5bn. We will support within 1 billion won next year. There is no corporate scale limit to the subjective device.

‘Touristic element-based XR content interaction technology development’ is a challenge for technologies to understand the nonverbal signal of the user and understand the emotion.

The challenge is pursued in a competitive R & D method within four years. Next year’s appearance, we plan to assign $755 to W750bn on each of the two institutions. Supports 4 years within a total of 375 billion won. There is no limit to the subjective device.

‘Accessibility Support Metabus Content Real-Time Conversion Technology Development’ also includes technology development to build metabus ecosystems that can participate with disabilities that can not be specific to specific senses. Within three years, the goal is to support budget within 800 million won next year. A total of W2930 million a year for three years. The subjective organization is a small and medium-sized enterprise.

The Development of Object Media Processing Technology in Multiple Source Images’ is a challenge for technology that models objects such as avatars in real time. A multi-image is used to generate an actual-based object media and synthesize a plurality of object media in a met averse space.

The task support period will be within 4 years, and the budget of W17.5bn in 4 years will be distributed within 4 years. He did not limit the subjective mechanism.

‘Trust Security Metabus Media Service Platform Technology Development’ is an assignment for developing a platform that can utilize NFT on media. When the met averse is serviced as a media, the media content provider is a legitimate authorized authority to take advantage of the technologies that can be authenticated to use NFT and the technique that can track the negative users and the trust guarantee met averse media platform.

Как устроена IT-столица мира / Russian Silicon Valley (English subs)
The performance period of the task is planning to support within 4 years of next year within 1 billion won. Support for 4 years within a total of W5bn. Small and medium-sized companies can participate as a subject company.

This PM said, This year’s metabus was issued, and the business R & D budget was fully secured, but it seems that it was not enough to prepare for the next year, he said..

In terms of XR, the interaction assessment and the development tasks of the technical development are also promoted for the development of interaction and their technologies, and the core technology development tasks in the media are also promoted. Since it is possible, we will refer to the instructions, I hope that many researchers will participate and derive meaningful achievements.

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