Thunder Tier ONE in the test  a fun fold problem

Thunder Tier ONE in the test a fun fold problem

Thunder Animal One wants to dig with realism and tactical struggles. Grafton, Inc., which are known mainly as the developers of the Battle Royal Player unknown’s Battleground (short pub), try to use their collected shooter expertise and to convince again with exciting firefights.

This time you can see this time from the top-down perspective, and instead of huge player masses, the gameplay is more focused on co-pop missions in a group of four people.

Why convince the principle and all the approaches, but in our test, however, we have nevertheless struggled with frustration as a really fun, do you have now.

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  1. 1thunder animal What?
  2. 2 dump, Summer, Thunder-Animal-One-Ki
  3. 3 a lightning strike of the illness
  4. 4 and otherwise?

Thunder animal What?

First we come to how Thunder Tier ONE works at all. You grab a group of four soldiers and fight with them a terrorist organization. The different missions range from the liberation of hostages about defusing bombs, to conquering and holding a military base. Everything you expect to be given to tasks of such a setting is given.

At least the maps can convince with variation. So you are also in caves or the like on the way. Source: PC Games In the focus, of course, are the weft warrants in which tactical approach is required, because with his small group of four men are always far inferior. So you have to sneak through buildings, destroy enemy devices and, of course, switch off opponents. All, of course, as quiet and undetected.

For this you can either connect with up to three other players, or you are at Controlled allies aside. Here we also come straight to the biggest problem, which Thunder Tier ONE brings with him: the I.

Stupid, Summer, Thunder-Animal-One-Ki

In our test we have a tribal yield, the campaign in the single player, i.e. on the side of three Controlled soldiers, to end, and we urgently want to advise you. Without a group of 4 real players to Thunder Tier ONE, is a nightmare.

Thunder Tier One TIPS & TRICKS You Need To Know!

Rarely, one sees one of these days today, and that, above all, therefore falls on, because it is strongly dependent on his colleagues in all missions. It feels like that in many places, as if the allies try to be effective against one.

The I also likes to leave the protective building to shoot straight out right outside the door. Source: PC Games The problems range from the pure stupidity of the I allies to simply no-messed and broken behavioral systems. So that the I can not be correctly covered, often no reason behind this goes out or also likes to head ahead in completely hopeless situations and logically only a few seconds dies later, here is only the tip of the iceberg.

Theoretically, it is possible to give commands to the allied soldiers and thus enforce their own will, but this is so cumbersome and continuously designed that the whole thing is remarked only.

For example, you can give the whole troop to cover the command, which ensures that the soldiers random on objects nearby staples and do not even note the position of the enemies. Often, then they then position themselves perfectly in the opponent’s firing spot, which easily misses the meaning of the in-cover go.

The function is therefore completely useless, and it is instructed to commit all fellow straps individually to the respective positions. This works at least much more reliable, but of course, in a combat and stress situation, is much more cumbersome and must be adapted with every danger that is closer to direction.

The problems are the same in the offensive. The advance is just as broken as the coverage system. The characters arrive (mostly) earlier or later at their destination, but also make a small detour.

Already in the tutorial, the hacking control of the group members. Source: PC Games If you are in an important situation in which every second counts to come to a certain point, the allies then take a quick walk through a small forest, while still running in a hostile camp, down Being and driving, one has really no fun as a group leader.

Instead of helping to help in the fight and ensure that one looks like a real leader of a special unit, one feels more like a babysitter in the war area, who has to try all means to keep his protégés alive. Namely, you can not just go straight out alone, as otherwise simply and moving the firepower is missing to survive some weft beatings.

In addition, there is also the allies when they are downstairs before a self… flee? At least that sometimes seems that the direction of movement of the wounded I is apparently defined so that it simply wants to go away from the opponents as far as possible, and the aspects to be considered regardless of all other aspects.
So it will be pleased to happen that an ally, which was shot, from a safe position out exactly in the ball hail of the enemies flees. The I in Thunder Tier ONE thus seems to present self-destructive tendencies under all sorts of circumstances.

If you manage to get to a wounded ally and tries to help it, you will be confronted directly with the next big problem.

A lightning impact

You can use the F-button to double allies if they have been down. Well, at least in theory, because the F key is intended for general interacting with the world. So if defeated figures are lying around in the area, which can be lifted, magazines for your weapons collected, or doors that can be opened, this also works with the same key. So, if the I is fatally wounded perfectly at a door, positioned next to fallen fighters or near ammunition, it is simply impossible to help you specifically as the whole other objects are preferred when the F key is pressed.

Also, whether something is destroyable in the environment, is very enigmatic. Thus, wooden walls can be partially perforated with simple pistol shots. For minutes of mortar bombardment, which bounces directly on the building, on the other hand nothing happens? The litter of a grenade feels a bit like cubes, as randomly between small cloud of smoke or huge and destructive explosion is decided. Tents seem to be generally indestructible.

If you try to go into cover yourself, there is always problems. Sometimes my own character just does not want to do that sometimes, but then turns into the wrong direction. If you have done it then, you can not shoot out of the cover and then, on the other hand. Actually, it should also be possible to climb over smaller obstacles like low walls. But that works only after the pleasure and mood of the game.

In this example, we should defend a conquered house against opponent waves. Too bad just that these just did not want to spawn. Source: PC Games that is cached in the missions of the campaign, it is natural in itself. Unfortunately, that does not work at all. It has occurred several times in our test that a mission could not be loaded properly from a storage point and the opponents we had to defeat to continue, just no longer there were. Here we had to restart completely and play the mission from the front to continue to advance.

Even if it works correctly, the storage system is completely broken thanks to the I problems in many places. If the absolutely meaningless positions of allies are stored and then ensure that at the store of the storage point directly the half team dies, this ensures that you have to play the whole mission so or so again from the beginning. Next time you can then try the memory time, try to better position the allies. But that can really be not the point of things.

You might think that the luminous green area is the point you should go to. In fact, do you have to collect unobtrusive documents nearby? Source: PC Games Speaking points that do not work: It always happens that you run aimlessly through the Level, because the exact place to which you have to do is not really defined and there is often no functioning waypoints.

The many other little defects to count on the place would blow up. However, a particularly annoying moment from our test phase needs to be mentioned. After everywhere back and forth with the stupid I and countless restarts thanks to nonsensical storage points, we had reached the final part of the last mission.

Here you have an area that has been cleared of enemies, now defend against multiple enemies waves. After all enemies have been defeated, you win. The problem was that a single enemy unit far stuck and in a rock outside the accessible area so could not be defeated. This made sure that we complete and very extensive in this case Mission had to start again. So it’s not only the storage system that one can ruin your day. Of course, such a finale remains strong in memory!

And otherwise?

In addition to the functioning SE core principle, the terrible AI and all the frustrating errors is not much to say about Thunder Tier One.

The campaign is relatively short and stops only two to three hours in a good mood. If you have so much to contend with bugs and problems as we do in our test, we can but good schedule twice the time. On the positive side that’s for a creative way to stretch the season.

In multiplayer communication works better if the players also want the… Source: PC Games Otherwise offered online still various Eve and PVP modes. Worth mentioning here is primarily the fact that if you die early in a round, it has at times also the full three minutes to the start of the next round will have to wait and meanwhile nothing to do. This is boring, but hey, still funnier than the single player.

So the community the great hope for a better future of Thunder Tier One, since the developers want to actively promote mods.

The now sounded very negative. It is also, however, we can make a recommendation for Thunder Tier One under certain circumstances, but only. In co-op for four participants, many of the criticisms fall away, then you can have a good time with the game have; even then it is but only a mediocre experience with much better alternatives on the market.

My opinion

Benjamin Eichmann

So much frustration there was no longer with me a long time!

Unfortunately I had a awful time with Thunder Tier One. It’s not often that I am pleased with a short campaign because that means that I am quickly done with her. On every little point in which convinced the game arrive at least two bad things that bring the house of cards to collapse again. If the developers are investing a lot of time to resolve the manifold problems, I think that the title can do in single player fun. Currently, that’s just not like that. Thunder Tier One will remain for me as the title in memory, in which my highlight is the fact that one of the first published mods in Steam Workshop was a bright pink Hello Kitty pants. At least nice and colorful.

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At least the maps can convince with variation. So you are also in caves or the like on the way. [Source: PC Games]

Benjamin Eichmann
& Philipp Settler
18.12.2021 at 11:00

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