Mega Man will have his own movie  It will be a Live adaptation

Mega Man will have his own movie It will be a Live adaptation

Sonic will not be the only blue hero that will have its own movie, because mega man is ready to go out in a feature film exclusive of Netflix. There are almost no details about the project, because Netflix has not broken its silence, but the house-produced house, supermarket, has done 100% official news, through its official site.

Despite confirming the news, the producer did not reveal more details Mega Man, an adventure Live-Action of Sci-Fi inspired by the Cap com video game, is currently under development, says Supermarket’s words. The details are Secrets For now… we will let you know when we have some fun things to share.

According to IGN, Mega Man’s film is still in the first stages development. It was in 2018, when we initially hear about the project, which seems to be the same as we speak today, because Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the scriptwriters mentioned at that time, are the managers of the tape, according to the official supermarket site.

Mega Man Is Getting A Live Action Netflix Movie!?

In 2019, CAP COM reiterated its interest in the project, mentioning that movies based on their licenses, such as Resident Evil and Street Fighter, add a new value to the company. You will follow Monster Hunter and Mega Man, who are also scheduled for film adaptation real image, he mentioned the study at that time.

If the project is really in its initial phases of production, then surely we will take long to see its first advance, possible reason why Netflix is ​​still saving the surprise. In the case of a Live-Action project, we hope that the Blue Bomber does not go through reviews about its design in the film, as happened to Sonic.

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