League of Legends broke his record of spectators at the final of the World Championship 2021

League of Legends broke his record of spectators at the final of the World Championship 2021

Be crowned as the best ESports event at The Game Awards 2021 was not in vain, because Riot Games announced several figures from his League of Legends World Championship, Worlds 2021. The final between the DWG KIA and Edward Gaming teams is now the game more view in the history of the video game, making history in the more than 10 years of existence of this popular Mob.

The final was transmitted in 34 platforms and in 18 different languages ​​ The final of the World Championship reached the maximum number of 73.860.742 Simultaneous viewers, surpassing by 60.33% the visualization of the final meeting in Worlds 2020. In addition, and with an advantage of 32.82% over the end of last year, the battle between DWG KIA and Edward Gaming had an average audience per minute of 30,604,255 spectators.

A Record Breaking World Championship
These figures were achieved, thanks to the fact that the event was transmitted through 34 platforms, distributed in 19 stations, in 18 different languages ​​. Read ” Scout ” Ye-Chan, Edward Gaming’s central lane, received the OPP MVP Award for being the most outstanding player during the final, playing with 4 different champions in the five games played at the last meeting of the tournament.

Now that Worlds 2021 has concluded, Riot Games already set his gaze on what is coming for 2022. The next world championship will return to America, with the Play-ins phase by disputing at Mexico. The phases of groups and quarterfinals will be played in New York, followed by the semifinals in Canada. The final will be held in California, within the stadium Chase Center.

Arcane, the Netflix series based on League of Legends, is also breaking records. In the portal IMDb, this production is already the original series of the streaming platform with the best rating, and also reached a 100% score in Rotten Tomatoes.

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