Best Movement Set for Sawsbuck in Pok mon Go

Best Movement Set for Sawsbuck in Pok mon Go

A Pokémon that changes through the seasons in Pokémon Go is Sawbuck. It was published for the first time during the autumn 2020 event, and you can capture its original form of departure, Deer ling. It has four different appearances, for each of the unique seasons, so you will probably meet one with an exclusive winter look, and then meet another in summer. Despite the changes of appearance, he always knows the same movements. What is the best set of movements it can use?

Sawbuck is a normal and grass Pokémon. He has a maximum CP of 2416, an attack of 198, a defense of 146 and an endurance of 190. It is weak for the Pokémon of type bug, fight, fire, theft, ice and poison, but it is resistant to the Pokémon of Ghost, electric, grass type attacks, floor and water. Although it has various weaknesses, it may be useful for specialized raids you participate with other coaches.

Here are all the movements that Sawbuck can learn in Pokémon Go.

Quick movements

Chain attack (dark type) — 6 damage, 3 energy per turn
Shoot down (normal type) — 5 damage, 2.6 energy per turn

Charged movements

Hyper Beam (Normal Type) — 150 Damage, 80 Energy
Mega horn (Insect Type) — 100 Damage, 55 Energy
Solar beam (grass type) — 150 damage, 80 energy
Wild load (electrical type) — 100 damage, 45 energy

All DEERLING SAWSBUCK Forms in Pokemon Go - Spring Summer Autumn Winter

The best fast blow for Sawbuck is a strange choice, a feint attack. It’s a dark-style movement, but it’s a reliable option to use in combat. This makes Sawbuck a decent opportunity to overcome Ghost and Psychic types, and it’s already resistant to Ghost types, making it an appropriate option to fight even more.

For its loaded movement, most would automatically choose the hyper beam or solar beam. Despite global damage, these two movements are eliminated, the other two options are much better. Mega horn, the bug-type movement, can be used more often, making it a more interesting choice. Parallel to the wild burden, which requires even less energy to use for the same amount of damage, it makes Sawbuck a fast attacker. However, you must be careful with the use of wild burden because it reduces the defenses of your Pokémon every time you use it. You’d better use the wild burden as a final attack, and that it is not the first charged attack you use.

With these options in mind, Sawbuck is a decent choice for the Ultra League. It will not be at the top of the pack, but it’s a decent option, especially to fight any Ghost-type Pokémon. Make sure he knows the fake attack for his fast movement, then Mega horn and wild charge for his loaded movements, in that order.

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