Twitch  Asmongold scolds about Pokimane for comments to Blizzard

Twitch Asmongold scolds about Pokimane for comments to Blizzard

Recently, Twitch Streamer’s Primate said that you Boycott the games of the company Boycotted because of the scandals around Activision Blizzard. Streamer, who can afford it financially, should no longer show blizzard titles in their stream. A streamer who mainly earns money with the Blizzard game World of Warcraft is Mongol. He finds statements like those of Primate around the sexism scandals at Blizzard be delicate and describes such statements as an attachment, more stallion not behind it.

You should continue playing the games that you like

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Mongol shared his thoughts on Primates opinion and came to another conclusion. He believes that should not expect streamers to stop playing the games they want, and that the opinions of other people should not influence them.

Did I think Postman’s opinion on big streamers who saw Activision Blizzard games playing? Yes, I saw it, he said. It’s always hard to pull a border what you should support and what not and why you should support something and why not. In my opinion, this is completely uninteresting, because people will do what they are using, he added. Any other expectation is just stupid… It’s just punching. There is no more to say.

Do not hear about what influencers preach to you

Mongol stressed that the opinion of other people should not be crucial for whether one decides for a game or not. It does not matter what people say. It does not matter what influencers or opinion makers say.

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The only thing that really counts for you is, for what you want to spend your money. Players are indeed guilty of anyone, for which they spend the money out of themselves, says the WoW streamer.

Clear words. Do you agree?

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