Update 3 1 for Battlefield 2042 will improve bullet recording and more

Update 3 1 for Battlefield 2042 will improve bullet recording and more

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Dice and Electronic Arts have released trailers that made the gaming community excited. At the launch of the game, many players felt a little disappointed. The game had glaring issues. However, Dice and Electronic Arts intends to address these issues. Tomorrow, December 9, developers will release the 3.1 update for Battlefield 2042. The purpose of the update is to make other changes to the game. This would follow the update last week which improved the player’s gaming experience.

In the update, the developers have ensured that there were key areas to watch. A major change includes improving the consistency check balls. Many fans have complained that their balls are simply not reached the target, and they felt deceived by the game. Thus, fans would be pleased to note that Dice is aware of the problem and tries to solve. There will also be changes to balance the decline and dispersion of bullets.

Other changes include a bug that allows players to become invisible, fixes for grenades and launchers and various audio enhancements. Audio enhancements improve the overall sound experience with an emphasis on clarity, depth and directional perception.

In addition, developers have confirmed that this update is the last before the new year. Therefore, the company will return to the new year with a new look for the first season. Are you excited for the season premiere of Battlefield 2042?

Fans can view the complete list of changes in the update here. Some changes include adjustments to vehicles, weapons, gadgets and game modes.

What do you think of Battlefield 2042? Were you disappointed at the output? The title interests you? What do you think the next update? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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