Steam surprise  brand new tactics

Steam surprise brand new tactics

A new tactic shooter has seen the light of day and hit the black with its release: the PC players on Steam are more than enthusiastic and carry Thunder Tier One prompt to the first places of the top seller. What exactly the players celebrate at the Loop shooter, let’s take a closer look at each other.

The Steam charts have a new leader

With each new release, the top seller on Steam is well grooved, this time the realistically-smoked shooter Thunder Tier ONE ensures a change on the podium.

Since the 7 . December allows players to fall into the tactical top-down shooters and in the online coach with four people to deny tricky missions. (Source: Steam)

But you are not necessarily dependent on friends, your special unit will be filled with I teammates if required. How the shooter looks like in action does this current launch trailer :

Thunder Tier ONE: What do the players celebrate at the shooter?

With currently almost 500 reviews, Thunder Animal One can solder the general evaluation of very positive. The playing praise especially the high degree of realism, for example in weapon behavior or wall and door extensions. The many individualization options in relation to the equipment were also made quite successful.

The gameplay is quite liquid, and the mechanics benefit from a detailed development. Especially in the coop with friends, the current nine missions of the campaign large fun and the four offered game modes offer enough variety.

The developers of Thunder Animal One give the community also great freedoms on the hand — the shooter is shortly after launch with a integrated mod support therefore. Players can adapt missions, weapons, I behavior, equipment and much more or add themselves.

WAS Shooter genre is indispensable from the video game history, but which were the most important games? This reveals this picture line:

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