Magdeburg Furios   BTSV ends spectacular meppens running

Magdeburg Furios BTSV ends spectacular meppens running

Freiburg wins late — Osnabrück steps on the spot

The SC Freiburg II has followed another threesome on Sunday the surprising away win in Osnabrück. In the home game against Duisburg, the Brasher initially had bad luck that Stuntman was avenged against his ex-club freestanding on the post, but in the second round but luck, that ADEME missed a penalty. When everything looked after a 0: 0, Radio stopped a hand game in his own penalty area. Leopold met from the point to the late 1: 0 final score (90. + 3), which ranked the SF ranked nine and rushed the MTV into larger worries (rank 17).

Also, on Sunday Osnabrück did not come out over a 0-0 against undertaking Averse. The VFL thus occurs after the third game without victory in a row on the spot.

After 45 minutes everything was over: Magdeburg manufactures the lions

The 1st FC Magdeburg has underpinned on Saturday his top position with the third victory in series — and how! The FCM won Furious at 1860 Munich. Already at the break, the leader led against completely overwhelmed lions with 5: 0, Krempicki, who opened the scores twice. At the end of operation 1860 result cosmetics — 2: 5.

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Braunschweig finishes Happens running

However, the glazing duel in Braunschweig the impressive series of SV Happen. The Slander, who had recently won five games in a row, had to be beaten at the Contract equal to 0: 5. The BSV, who had laid the foundation early through Henning (8.) and set the final point for the Pena Manner (77.), climbs in the table with two points more on the SVM.

FCC also puts against Viktoria Cologne

Except for a counter, Kaiserslautern is on Happen after the red devil remained unbeaten in the fourth game (3/1/0). Against the Victoria from Cologne, double-organs submitted Handle (8., 48.) at 4: 0 the soft early. Teacher met in the meantime to 2: 0, room sat down the final point.

TAX and BVB II reinforce the worries of VERY

Also, with 3: 0, the BVB II won with a TAX double pack at the SC VERY and reinforces the support of the SCV standing on a relegation place.

None goals in Halle and Berlin

Halle came after three bankruptcies in a row against Keller kind Würzburg not over a 0: 0, the Breisgauer initiallys already wait four games on a threesome. There were no goals in Berlin between Viktoria and Turkish Capture, which is now six times in a row echo (0/2/4) and continues in the relegation battle.

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