Battlefield 2042 reveals more than 150 game changes that will be made tomorrow

Battlefield 2042 reveals more than 150 game changes that will be made tomorrow

A new battle 2042 The update will be launched tomorrow on PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. According to and EA, the update, which will be the third of the game since its launch, is the greatest so far, and therefore, it should not be surprising that it will include more than 150 changes in the game and improvements designed to address the most important problems of the game. The update is massive and is not due only to there are many errors. There are many errors that plague the game, but there are also several problems with the title, including the missing functions and design neglectments. That said, the game should feel better after this update.

In several areas of the game, we have introduced improvements so that your experience in interacting within the maps is more fluid, writes says about the update. This includes more than 150 individual corrections, small changes and improvements in all our maps where we noticed that they were subtracting value to the game, such as problems of appearance, visual failures or collisions. Improvements and corrections of audio, rendering and interaction for weapons and vehicles, and specialists are also included.

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At the time of publication, it remains to be seen how much it will really improve this update the game for the user. What is not clear either is what the size of the file will be, however, the extensive patch notes suggest that players should prepare for a substantial discharge. Meanwhile, as more information arrives, we will update the story accordingly.

Battle 2042 is available worldwide through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the new and divisive first-person shooting game, click here.

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