Special biathlon history with Arnd and Benita Peiffer

Special biathlon history with Arnd and Benita Peiffer

A whole interview in German does not dare Benita Gaffer then too. In English I would prefer, says the Canadian and smiles in the bitter cold of Öresund friendly. By the public largely unnoticed the 21-year-old has just celebrated its World Cup debut, while her last name is a very familiar in the biathlon scene. Gaffer? Exactly!

We have the same great-great-grandfather, says And Gaffer. How one calls the family relationship exactly the German Olympic champion knew not that exactly. Maybe third cousin? The grandfathers of And Gaffer and Benita were certainly cousins, Benita’s grandparents emigrated to Canada once. We met a couple of times. There is regular contact, says And Gaffer. He, too, is this week in Sweden. Although the 34-year-old, has ended his career after last season is since Thursday but the first time there in a new role as a TV pundit for ARD on camera.

I am still very nervous before the race

I wished her good luck, the former world champion said about Benita, that has gone to the places 104, 107 and 87 in the Olympic season. I’m still very nervous before the race, she says. She started really as a cross-country skier, but later found a coach and moved to Skiing. The pressure I’m not really clear. But also advice she gets from the family. And is a role model for me, and he helps me again and again, says Benita: We write to each other, exchange ideas.

Just like they would their cousin as Benita says himself again and again even sporty emulate someday. A couple of World Cup victories and Olympic medals would be very cool, said the Canadian, who then was persuaded not to a short conversation in German on German television after all. And Gaffer was standing not far away and watched the conversation exactly.

While regrets the young Benita, that both missed the World Cup by one year, the experienced Gaffer not looked back end of his career a year before the Olympic Games in Beijing, however. The feeling after a good race is addictive, and fail. But for that I have a lot of other things. Less pressure, less time spent in the summer, less cruelty, the ten-time World Cup winner of the German press agency said.

TV job long and exciting

Long and exciting, Gaffer called his first day on the job in television:. Of course, it was exciting to see all the Procedures That, to me, of course, all things new The five-time world champion and gold-winner of the Olympic sprints of Pyongyang was looking forward to seeing many old friends in Sweden. It is also nice that it is not every weekend, said Gaffer. No longer at every World Cup he will be there, a lot of time instead spend with his family. This is a measure which is totally great. I stay a little off, says Gaffer.

Biathlon: Interview mit Arnd Peiffer (14.02.2013)
Now the Niedersachse must get used to ogle his longtime companion sometimes critical. I try to make the very objective, then that is perfectly fine I look forward to their feedback. Says Gaffer: of course you see exactly what I’m doing when I am doing a wrong wording or a mistake, are. They equal to smear on bread to me.

A little he misses it, with a top form at the start to stand, to be and to compete with the other with it, he says and then estimates the same realistic. But this is now no longer possible, if you’ve left off, you never come back to this level down. But that’s okay. And will disappear the name Gaffer from the results list for the time being anyway.

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