Solar Ash How to collect and use Plasma Noah Nelson

Plasma entrance Sonnensche is what makes the ultravoid. The more you have, the safer you are. While the use of plasma is not too complicated, it may be difficult to collect it. And to spend money, you have to earn money first. How to collect and use plasma in Solar Ash.

Before we get into it, Solar Ash, if you do not know it is the latest game of heart machine and Annapurna Interactive. It is an adorable and exciting experience of beautiful views, challenging platforms and a meaningful message. If you want to master Time slip and Grapple or need help with collecting all caches in each level, read our Solar ASH instructions.

How to collect plasma

In Solar Ash there are many ways to collect plasma. For the beginning, plasma can only be recovered by skating. Floating lumps are always scattered on each card and encourage them to follow a path or make a sweet leap. Everyone will only reward them with a plasma.

Plasma can also be collected by killing enemies, but it requires a lot of skill. The only way to get plasma from enemies is to kill a group of them without damaging. If you do not suffer any damage during the fight, you will be rewarded with a satisfactory sound and about 30 to 40 plasma, depending on how many enemies you want to destroy successfully.

The last and best way to collect plasma in Solar Ash is through plasma deposits. These deposits are hidden on special places on each card and can not be farmed like the floating plasma rags. You will reward you with 100 plasma. If you leave your curiosity free run, Solar Ash will reward you with plasma deposits, so you have no shyness to explore the world.

How to use plasma

Plasma can only be used in a way: to buy shields from CD. Health works in Solar Ash so that you have a limited number of shields that act as your health. When taken, they temporarily lose a shield that can be refilled through the balls in the blue box on the entire card. Your health can rise up to five, but only by buying shields with plasma.

Every time you defeat a boss, your conversation with ECHO will leave you a sign less than at the beginning, so you have to be constantly purchased to have maximum health. The shields become increasingly expensive with increasing height, with the fifth sign 3,000 plasma. That is, if you want to have the highest opportunity to survive the ultravoid and the enemies contained therein, you have to go to plasma hunting.

Sonnensche is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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