Forza Horizon 5  Compensation

Forza Horizon 5 Compensation

Since the launch last month, the racing game Fora Horizon 5 had always been struggling with problems. In particular, exporters in the servers, which logically negatively impacted the multiplayer elements — were very negative to the multiplayer elements. These often flew out of a running lot or had to walk around with lags. To calm the heated minds something, there is soon a small gift.

Forza Horizon 5 (2021) - НОВИНКА, ДЛЯ ЦЕНИТЕЛЕЙ NASCAR И ДРЭГА! \ Весь Тюнинг
As the developer studio Playground Games communicates on the official website, all players will soon expect compensation in the form of 1,000 Formation Points. You can spend this to your heart’s content in the Formation Shop to buy rare cars, wheel spins or other in game items. The compensation is automatically delivered at the game start — but only after the release of the next update.

This is intended to show the information of Playground Games within the next few days and eliminate some major multiplayer issues. Even an optimization of server stability is on the program. However, there is neither a concrete release date for the update nor the exact patch notes.

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