Final Fantasy 14  Endwalker   I am particularly pleased

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker I am particularly pleased

The time before the release of a new MMO extension always has something magical in itself. Although most of the features are already announced, there are still a lot of details unclear and will be left to one’s own imagination. Especially with the fourth extension end walker for Final Fantasy 14, the anticipation in the last few days before the release is particularly difficult. What I’m especially happy about, I would like to share here with you.

Experience the big finale

Like most other players, I also conflict with the final part of the main scenario. Over the past ten years, the developers with Final Fantasy 14 have created a complex and versatile action that has moved with many twists and highlights at exactly this moment. Now I can hardly expect to finally experience how this story will go out.

So many questions burn me on the lips. How exactly is the final conflict between Madelyn and Zodiac held? How much is our favorite Korea contributed by this? Which of the main characters do we have to worry about? Fortunately, we only need to be patient for a few days before we receive an answer to all this.

Ship itself has spoken of how much this final lies at heart and last but not least, his perfectionism is the reason for the two weeks delay before the start of this extension. So it’s not exaggerated to say that something is very big here. The main scenario is undoubtedly the big star in Patch 6.0. Source: Square Enix

New Content to Patch 6.0

Undoubtedly, the main scenario is the great Star of Patch 6.0. Many of the small pearls, I am particularly pleased, but unfortunately come into play only with the first content update 6.1. First, this is called the island paradise. It is probably due to the rather commercial announcements that everyone can make their own ideas there. Anyway, I am looking forward to further news, and I’m curious how the developers implement this kind of solo content and how they want to ensure that he remains motivating in the long term.

Also, the new PVP mode, the Crystal Conflict, should only appear with patch 6.1. Although the fight against other players each otherwise played a rather subordinate role, but I am particularly pleased this time. I’ve always been a friend of fast PVP games that do not take too much time and that you can comfortably play in a lunch break. For example, Tower Defense Game, or even a fast round Heroes of the Storm games, whose rules you know exactly and that are also over in the foreseeable future.

I feel that Crystal Conflict could fall into exactly this role. A PVP mode that is not excessively complicated and for which one, in contrast to the current battlefields, finds fellow players at any time of the day. Perfect, thanks to the series rewards, it is also possible to gradually earn prices, even if you can spend little time for this mode every day. From this perspective, I am looking forward to this new kind of PVP and hope that it meets these expectations. The new PVP mode promises fast and crisp games. Source: Square Enix

The HeadS tart — a little chaos sometimes does good

Even off the new features, there are still different reasons why I am looking forward to the release of End walker. An unforgettable experience is always the head start itself. That’s going on at the right preparation. So days before all the necessary purchases are done so that we do not have to leave the house on the decisive weekend. Finally, we are doing everything from downloading the new game version in time to start the server. We finally want to be there from the first moment and miss nothing — in the good as in the bad.

Because even if the problems with the add-on start usually limit themselves to long queues and maybe once a restart of the game worlds, there was also one or the other unforgettable experience during the past enlargements, which we were allowed to attend only because we are right on the first Day to the tumbled.

Here, for example, I think of Robbie extreme, an event that many players had brought to despair at the start of Storybook. It was just about addressing the character predator and to start an instantiated fight. Due to the enormous crowd, however, the servers were hopelessly overwhelmed with the creation of the fighting, so that only a few players was able to overcome this point in the main scenario.

Robbie extreme

Which Healers I'm Most Excited to Play in Endwalker

After the rumor surrounded that man would respond successively, players have been formed for long queues, which have moved far through the Albanian borderland. Sure, at that time many players did not feel like laughing, but it’s exactly these experiences that we are thinking about. The reason why we can laugh about today is probably how rarely such serious mistakes in Final Fantasy 14 (Buy €25,98).

But even regardless of such events, such early access has much adorable in itself. To explore the new zones and cities for the first time, amaze about it and see that there are other players just as well, conjures me a smile again and again. It is a classic case of you have to have been there that makes the first hours of an extension so special. It always has something very special to explore the new cities for the first time. Source: players As always, I’m looking forward to your opinion. What are you looking forward to starting End walker? What expectations do you have to the main scenario? It shares us in the comments.

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