Future   Bushif  ARPG 2nd Deiji Fate Seeker 2 that Real Estate Company in Taiwan is released

Future Bushif ARPG 2nd Deiji Fate Seeker 2 that Real Estate Company in Taiwan is released

The 95th of the Chinese Game will deliver the Taiwanese-produced Popular Action RPG Series Stupid Temporary Dental 2.

This work was delivered at Steam on November 22, 202, 2021 by Kobayashi Entertainment Co., Ltd. Chinese Game Listening that has featured the first work is also mentioned in the fourth, but Kobayashi entertainment is a group company of Taiwan and Kobayashi Mechanism, which is focusing on real estate agencies. The group’s second generation Congratulation has launched Kobayashi mechanism brand and launched Kobayashi entertainment from the hot feelings for single-play PC games, and won a lot of fans in the first work.

China’s Must RPG is often the stage of the fantasy world, especially in recent years there is a remarkable trend. The reason is that the government’s censorship to history reorganization has become tougher and the fictional world is likely to be freely easy to make. The Mushiest fantasy RPG introduced last time Swords of the old sword-star-san-no-san is a world view near Western fantasy RPG, such as the monster is witnessed like this.

On the other hand, this series emphasizes the classic Takes hi Taste such as Banjo and Old dragon, and the story is developed on the North Dynasty. It is not a battle with monsters, but the factors of human beings are centered, old good martial arts. In the Must RPG world that goes to falsification, it may be rather valuable.

Although it is the contents of this work, RPG fights in the outlook type field as before. Graphic is more evolved than the previous work, and it has been an unusual content that has also been added, reasoning element has also been added. Let’s play immediately what kind of game is it!

Follow mystery of Tamara

Although not specified in the game, the stage is a decadency after the previous work. Unlike previous works that were named their own, the main character of this work has the name 羽. In contrast to the former phloem of the hotly Han, this work is a cool atmosphere. His died of his died and Sakai Joined the trace of and walks across the heavens for safety investigation.

The game begins with the place where NASUWT was born. After being heard about his birthday, by choosing some options, such as his children’s behavior and character, character status and quality weapons are determined.

As a result of selection, it has become a status like an image. Good weapons are sword. There is also an attack power + 8%, a defense + 2% bonus, and it is a battle character. If you don’t like the result, you can try again.

Selection of game difficulty. It seems that the action seems to be difficult, so it seems better to play with easy at first. It can also be set with detection difficulty. This work is not just RPG, but also the aspects of reasoning games that the event of the case is unclean. If you increase the difficulty, it seems that there will be few tips.

Movie before the game starts. In order to capture the teaching of Making to make people miserable, the Chen Course led soldiers and depressed to the Height Headquarters. However, the Chen vendor will be burned by the lord of the lord of the leoparded green flames Lamination Akira. The believers looked at this and ever heard of the lord.

By the way, it is a religion that the predictors from Babylonia were from Babylonia. We incorporated doctrines such as Zero Aster and Judaism, Christianity, and increased the number of believers, mainly Susan Morning Persia. In Tang Chengdu, it was also in China, and when the Temple Hen (Alumni Time) was a major cheap temple, the temple called Dairymen was built, and it was protected by the court.

However, if you become Temuco’s fee, Tamara is repressed and will be disliked as evil. It is also called Vine Ma (Vegetarian Magic), and in the field of creation, it may appear in the enemy role etc. from the goodness of use. It is said that it is a ROS boss of Mizushima, and it is said to be Bakugo.

Meanwhile, Moro who has been chasing Chen. Through his kid, we will receive information that Chen’s Conditions have refused to the mountain. Since there is a temple of Tamara to the summit, I will go to the survey, but Haiku hires the bandit and I said that no one to get to the mountain.

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The resulting information is collected as evidence. You can combine these pieces of information or attach them to people when you do reasoning later. In this work, information gathering is also an important factor for clearing.

Kick the bandits!

If you move on the mountain road, the piracy came to attack immediately. The battle is with the X button of the Xbox pad Normal attack, B button with emergency avoidance. Also, 5 types of technical techniques can be set to five buttons (Y buttons, RB + X, Y, A, B buttons). It is an operation method close to the previous work.

Set of special attacks. By getting the martial arts, you will be able to use new techniques. Also, on the right of the screen, you can teach me the effectiveness of the technique. There are many types of technical techniques, and because they are different for each weapon, you will suffer your head with what to set.

Discover the treasure chest. In this work, not only interact for objects, but also actions such as item use destroy fire. Since the treasure chest of the image does not open, I was destroyed by destruction.

What was in the treasure chest is Gold wooden agent. It will be declared by putting it on wood. I was able to put this on the fence who had blocked the way and broke it first. Items are not automatic use, so the player must think about what to use. If you solve the mystery, the cut-in called Akira will be included.

This work is easy mode, the enemy is strong and hard. Normally, only effective damage is given. After the enemy releases a special technique, you will see a mark like an eye on top. If you add an attack at this time, you can not move as bankruptcy state and can damage significant damage. Let’s use it well to defeat the enemy.

Due to the end of the fierce battle, defeat the boss of the bandit. I have been a moment. When you listen to the story, the bandits are not the believers of Marines, but it is just hired. It seems that it was an order that the person who came to the temple was chased again.

Talk tricks!

As a Bakugo, people should come to the temple to increase believers. That’s why the bandits received an order to chase the people who came to Temple of Tamara. By combining the information obtained so far in Thinking mode, Zen points out contradictions.

When I came to the boss of the bandit in more detail, the employer seems to be a person who has a jealousy of Tamara. The boss of the bandit has left the item LA. that the employer’s dropped item is deposited and fled away.

In order to help Chen, Sakai who hurry to Temple of Tamara. I heard a scream, and when I run out, a girl who lived in the same village Autumn was supposed to fall from the tree branch. Below is a naked diet. It is a picture of the picture.

The wounds that rushed from the branch, the rushed wing. When I heard her story, my work was trying to get on the mountain and I found a Chen exam on the way.

Chen’s veins have eaten Caruso Akira of Taliban Yamaha and lives, but they have been baked her clothes. Arch ache found that she had a bandit clothes on the tree, and she was up for Chen’s CREATIVITY that she slides her legs.

Archable to pass the bandit clothes to Chen. The Chen Course came with his soldiers and came to capture the Main Yamaha, but as soon as his cane was shaken, his body seems to have been wrapped in a green flame. Furthermore, soldiers have also become missing. Chen Curs regrets that he could get his power to advertise his power.

Many says to choose to go down the mountain first. At the end, I got the medicine called Curry Mary from Chen Exversion. It is said that the martial artist is drinking and getting further power. I received a thanks for the time being, but it is a drug that I do not know well, so it seems better to do it.

The wings that entered the Tamara temple were shaken. He asked for the lord, but the guidance old woman does not make a conversation if your ears are bad. Nevertheless, it seems that the noise that was roughly around the bandit partner was heard, and he says, he said, I can not make a person who plays a fight. When there is an inconsistent point in the other party’s lines, you can do the other party by pushing evidence. It is a system like reverse trial.

The old woman actually has a grudge in Tamiami, and it seems that it has been chased with a difficulty with the confidentiality as ever. Caruso Akira is also a trick of the teaching, and if it is lit, it is to use a drug purple stem flour that emits green. Since there is a book about purple stem flour inside the school, we went to survey immediately.

When I checked the book, purple stem flour was found to burn with poisoning and burned to a green flame. The combustion temperature is low, and the person is not baked. Speaking of which, the curing circle who gave me awards was green. If you throw it into a heat bowl and burn it into a heat bowl, green flames spouted. Did you think that Chen’s Course will drink this poison to Isuzu? Mystery has been deepened.

Eventually, I will arrive under the lord. But what is wrong. The end of the fierce fight (actually strong and is over a game once), I chased the lord, but it is a surprising black screen that appeared there…? Please check with your own eyes.

Sushi RPG with a reasoning element

The characteristics of this work are also reasoning elements. It is a system that combines information and combines information and combines the contradiction against the other party, and is a system that fuses the inferred adventure and RPG. Because it is a mystery content, it is good to be a deployment that is anxious.

In this work, mini-games such as building a residence and earn a rent, and go fishing and go. The story is also easy to understand, and it is easy to get to the beginner.

If you like Kamikaze and Old dragon martial arts novels, it is a work that this work is recommended for those who do not know how many shellfishes are good, but now there is no Japanese support including the previous work. There are also cases supported by Japanese as in Old Sword-Wolf Night-Sennight-Sennish Looking-Senki Night, so I would like to look forward to your future movement.

Product information

DEI Temple
Development and sales: Kobayashi Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Target OS: Windows
Regular price: 2,500 yen
Support language: Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
Store page: HTTPS: // / /

※ Some game titles and united nouns used in this article are replaced simplified and traditional characters with Japanese kanji due to technical limitations.

■ I introduced the author: Watanabe Chang, writes Chinese things. His mother is Taiwanese. His philosophy to excavate and provide unknown fun. He likes history and simulation game board games, minor minor game TV. Sangokushi, Sank DEI, Saudi, Daisuke Moral (Keisha), Literature Shōnen and Desirous Books (Poplar Co., Ltd. (Bunion Bunk) etc. Author Twitter, Minor Twitter.

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