German biathlets miss the top 10 at the prelude

German biathlets miss the top 10 at the prelude

Biathlon 2021-22, Swedish season opener - Sprint: men+women (Norwegian commentary)
In the first season after the residues of Olympic champion And Gaffer and ex-world champion Simon Scheme ran JUSTUS Strew in Swedish Öresund in singles as the best German rank 13 and thus managed his best World Cooperative result. The 24-year-old shot on Saturday only a mistake and after 20 kilometers 2: 33.1 minutes behind the superior winner Stella Hold Agreed. The error-free world champion from Norway referred his teammates Tanja BO (2 mistakes / + 59.2 seconds) and the Frenchman Simon Restroom (2 / + 1: 00.6 minutes) on the places.

Strew managed like Roman Sees (3 mistakes) as 14. Half Olympia Standard. The former Sprint World Champion Benedict Doll (31/4 mistake) had to be satisfied with the disappointing 32nd rank, Philipp Horn (27/5 error) became 56th, and Philipp Na wrath (28/7 bugs) only 80.

Not at the start was the slightly battered Erik Lesser, which was spared over the heaviest biathlon race. We hope he can run tomorrow, said Unrestrained Mark Kirchner in IDF overlooking the Sprint on Sunday.

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