Is a trainer in the men

Is a trainer in the men

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A sentence Martina Voss-Tecklenburg hear again and again. The national coach has virtually held a double function: on the one hand, the German national team coach to succeed, on the other hand, the German company coach to more acceptance for women’s football. While progress in some areas is already clearly visible, there are also numerous vacancies — for example, on the coach benches of the Republic.

It is actively on coach, you do not go active on trainers to.

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

It is actively trainer, you do not go active on trainers to Voss-Tecklenburg complains in the latest episode of the new men podcasts FE: male view on football. Even in the Women’s Bundesliga, there is currently only one female head coach — Anne Po chert at Carl Zeiss Jena. In men’s soccer is not a single woman is in the coach rods from Bundesliga and 2nd League. After all: IME Wübbenhorst is currently assistant coach at third division Viktoria Cologne.

The Bundesliga is not ready for it, says Voss-Tecklenburg clear in the podcast — but takes the players left off the hook. The footballers are ready for, which is the matter, said the national coach. Rethinking it demands of the clubs. We must create positions, she says. I would hope that there are more profiles in the clubs. Each club would have to have in mind, and finally realize the added value.

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Can Men’s Football benefit from women?

An added value is due to the differences between men and women. We women have faced long and rightly the question of how we can benefit from the men’s soccer, said Voss-Tecklenburg. Today, the men’s soccer itself should ask: How do we benefit by women from other perspectives, skills, diversity of?

But currently there is a lack — apart from Wübbenhorst — the flagships in men’s football. Women need role models, says the national coach talking to the two presenters Vale ska Homburg and Anna-Sara Long resistant. There are women who ask: ‘Where is my perspective, when I have no realistic chance, why should I do it then?’

pioneer Freiburg? String would not look after

Could make a Bundesliga club which with a female co-trainer starters, in any event, in the head. I had thought a conversation with Daniel Throne (most recently coach of Hamburger SV, d. Red.), Who said that he could imagine in Freiburg, says Voss-Tecklenburg. Just as we experience Christian Stretch, who would not look after that person coming in there — what gender, what culture, what ages Christian Stretch would only look after. Fits the person in our team?

What Voss-Tecklenburg expected ambitious trainers, which creates problems the media landscape for women’s football and why she likes to write poems in special moments, the German national coach explained in the starting today retrievable episode of Fe: male view on football. The entire series is now available on all digital channels men and Spotify, Deezer, Google podcasts, and iTunes Podium!

26 . November 202101: 05: 09 hours

FE: male 02 — Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

What the men’s soccer can abducted for women and why should the DFB seek a woman for the office of DFB president to find, talks about the national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg with us. It also takes the public service television in the duty reveals her passion to write poetry, and explains how growing up with seven people working in a rented apartment. Looking at the European Championship in 2022 in England, she expected that records will be broken and the women’s football is moderately mood to show the best in the motherland of football, what we have ever seen.

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