Battlefield 2042  Update 2 is there and finally goes the weapons and vehicles

Battlefield 2042 Update 2 is there and finally goes the weapons and vehicles

The bad condition of Battlefield 2042 for the launch is on everyone’s lips. Despite Day-1 patch, there are still many bugs in the game and the balancing makes problems. At DICE, you are trying to accept these topics. Even today, the extensive update 2 is available, which is discussed in a long blog post. We reveal you what’s in the download.

When is Update 2 available? The patch has been available on all platforms since 9am German.

This brings Update 2 in Battlefield 2042

Previously, bugs were fixed and worked on the stability of the servers. The second update now finally brings profound improvements for gameplay and balancing.

Vehicles: Here is a whole range of optimizations. The MD540 Night bird, the Ka-520 Super Hokum and the AH-64GX Apache War chief were all attenuated. The exact changes read below. Basically, the damage was reduced by the miniguns of all vehicles. Furthermore, the unmanned helicopter UAV-1 returns in portal mode.

The air cushion boats were annoyed. What it has, you see here:

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Weapons: From the beginning there were complaints from the community that with some arms enemies were hard to hit. This was due to the so-called blooming effect, which describes the scattering of the balls. This should now be lower and make the gameplay so more precisely. This affects all firearms up to shotgun. In addition, the SMG PP-29 increases the recoil.

Bugs: Of course, errors will be corrected again this time. Among them also the annoying revive bug, through which it could happen that the timer for a respawn does not run when you go close to walls, rocks or water. That will be bypassed now by automatically resisting an invisible timer after 30 seconds.

All patch notes to the Battlefield 2042 update 2

Bullet dispersion has been reduced except shotguns in all weapons. This should lead to better accuracy during the game
Increased vertical recoil from PP-29, to ensure that the weapon is not too good, when it attacks outside its intended range value
Fixed an issue where players that were killed near obstructions such as walls or water, could not be revived
Fixed some cases where players were down and could not respawn again. We have introduced a hidden timer that is activated after 30 seconds in the down state and forces a re-spawn, if necessary
MD540 Night Bird — mounted 20 mm cannons — we reduce the radius, in the cause balls on impact damage, and reduce their damage
Reduced blast radius from 3 to 2
The damage to the inner blast radius was from 1.5 to 0.75. Reduced
KA-520 Super Hokum — 30 mm gun (side mount) — we reduce the total damage and range, cause full damage to the balls, while increasing the total distribution of balls
Explosion radius of 2 reduced to 1.6
reduced splash damage from 20 to 14

Reduced bullet damage before damage reduction begins 18 to 15
Reduced damage drop off distance of 200 to 180
Damage reduced ball case at maximum distance from 8 to 6
Increased range and scattering of the projectile
AH-64GX Apache War chief and KA-520 Super Hokum — 30 mm gun — we reduce the radius, in the cause balls on impact damage, and reduce the damage
reduced splash damage from 20 to 18
The damage drop for enemies that are farther from the impact center of the ball has been increased
We have reduced the overall loss of the Minigun for all land vehicles, while the ball damage decreases earlier now
Basement damage from damage waste is reduced from 18 to 13
Reduced damage distance fall from 60 to 40
Ball Damage reduced at maximum fall distance to 6
The equipped armor type for the NCAA Hovercraft was adapted what his vulnerability increases to various types of weapons
Battlefield portal — UAV 1
The UAV-1 was reactivated for Battlefield Portal
Significantly reduced delay and speed of health regeneration

The most powerful weapons - Battlefield 2042 damage model testing
Increased missile damage against vehicles and infantry
The drone is killing now in a position to enemies
Breakout matches will now properly terminated after the last sector was conquered
Fixed a problem that led to the players who were in Battlefield portal for a match in the queue were returned to the menu, rather than join the match when a slot became available
General stability improvements have been made to prevent rare game crashes

Also for the portal mode, there are changes:

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Further updates in sight

Today’s patch already takes important points before, but that Battlefield 2042 is still not a flawless experience. Therefore, two more updates are to follow this year alone — the first in early December and the second sometime just before Christmas. And 2022 will continue the maintenance work. Important issues for the future are the server stability, the balancing and motivating progress system.

What must improve DICE your opinion yet on Battlefield 2042?

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