NEW WORLD New update today brings money back money patch notes and maintenance work

New World brings a new update today, on November 24th. Thus, maintenance work. We from Mango tell you the patch notes and how long the server-downtime will last.

What is that for an update? Today’s patch is a small update that resolves primarily error. These errors include:

It is resolved a problem with the ritual quest, which led to players were prevented at the end of the quest when the interactive heart boy was used before the victory over Alas tor.
The harvest worker set is returned to the game and can be donated by MOBS. However, there are problems with the sets that have disappeared by a bug with the latest update. These will be reactivated only at a later date.
There are various stability improvements.

There will also be some coin refinements. For example, companies retreat their tales who made a declaration of war after the release of Patch 1.1. In addition, companies owned by an area receive a one-time refund of all stations that have been downgraded since the patch 1.1. This money should be paid directly with the return of the servers.

But even players return their money, namely for paid house taxes since the patch 1.1. However, these tales should only end up at the end of the weekend in the account of the players.

How long does the server maintenance take? The patch is played at 8:00 am our time, which then starts the server down.

The maintenance should last 3 hours. So the servers should be online at 11:00.

New World brings the second patch within two days

What happens at New World? Through the big update 1.1, many mistakes have gone into the game, which are now gradually fixed by the developers. Among other things, guilds could prevent a declaration of war in which they changed their name.

Already yesterday, on the 23rd of November, there was an update at 15:00 in German. There the following changes were made:

A problem was suspended, in which the time of a world suddenly jumps to a future date.
An error has been fixed in which some combat situations with many players led that these frozen worked, and their condition could not be transmitted to users due to excessive bandwidth utilization.
A rarely occurring problem has been fixed in which a server could crash.

In addition, the developers have temporarily reduced the house taxes by 90% to apologize to players who had restrictions on the Housing experience in recent weeks.

Company in turn, which controls the appropriate settlement, should still have 100% of the revenue by Housing tax.

When is the next update? Currently it is unclear whether today’s update is already the weekly patch. For this, the troubleshooting is still too low.

In addition, the developers indirectly announced the big December patch. Up to this update, the housing taxes should be reduced by 90%. When this update comes, however, was not revealed.

However, the developers have given an insight into their general vision of the endgame:

At New World, there is just much criticism of the endgame developer explaining their master plan

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