Dr Disrespect has enough of Warzone  No new players  only unemployed idiots without life

Dr Disrespect has enough of Warzone No new players only unemployed idiots without life

In Call of Duty: War zone had the controversial Streamer Dr Disrespect recently not much fun. He was eliminated by players who he denounced as unemployed idiots without life. What exactly so much excites him and what’s behind it, learn it here Mango.

Who is Dr Disrespect? Behind the choleric macho Poll with the porn mustache, the mirrored sunglasses and mullet Mane puts the person Guy Beam. The used to be community managers and map designer for Call of Duty.

The Doc is an exaggerated fictional character, a toxic Macho, who behaves like a bully and always drags about everything and everyone. He wants diverse gamer stereotypes parody and pointed satirical. Nevertheless, there were already more often trouble him and his utterances and actions.

As well his latest statements on the player base of Cod War zone. These were namely in his words only unemployed idiots without life.

Doc wants to see new players in the War zone

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What has upset him so: The Doc was once again in the War zone go where he wanted to bring true power, speed and momentum over his enemies his motto neat.

But it never came, and the doc instead was riveted by an opponent and also in the Gulag there was no future for the Doc.

This inspired him tidy up, because it was a Monday morning and there was a very specific kind of players go. Foaming at the mouth, he etched:

ШВИДКА | 19 серія | НЛО TV

There are literally no new people more playing War zone. There are really only cockroaches and unemployed idiots with no lives that play the game. It’s so! That’s so fucking pathetic. Especially on a Monday! There are so many unemployed. Who are unemployed on purpose that are so damn lazy! You know, I when my! The 42-year-old, who live still with their mom in the basement and are out of shape. This is pathetic!

What he means: The big problem of Docs is well that the player base is stagnant in the War zone in recent months. Who regularly plays in the War zone despite the great exodus of many players to other Battle Royales as Apex Legends is quite versed in the game.

That is, it is always a challenge to play against such players. New players would barmen for the Doc, however, easy prey, and he could leave and right with his characteristic game of violence, speed and momentum.

Instead, experienced Schweitzer were probably his typical enemies. Or stream Sniper, because the doc later raged further and insulted his opponents continue because that would not have to do better than him Snipers stream as a poor victim.

Is there still hope for the Doc? In fact, because the War zone will change soon and get a completely new map in the Pacific. It is quite likely that a large amount of players comes back or completely re going into the War zone. Then the poor Doc again enough helpless victims had to polish up to his ego.

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