A cyberpunk thriller with touches of Lovecraft  Transient Release date on PS4  Xbox One and Switch

A cyberpunk thriller with touches of Lovecraft Transient Release date on PS4 Xbox One and Switch

Limitless Space is a 4x tour-tower strategy computer game developed by Studios amplitude and edited by Iceberg interactive. He went out on July 4, 2012, on Windows and also on OS X on August 31st. The video game got great reviews as well as marketed more than 500,000 duplicates.

Iceberg Interactive and Storming Studios have dated the launch in Transient Consoles today, a thriller of adventures and puzzles endowed with a strong atmosphere inspired by H.P. Lovecraft premiered now a year ago on PC. The video game will be released at PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this December 8, and will do so through an extending edition with some news to take into account.

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Those responsible for the production invite us to experience the video game like never before, enjoying additional gameplay, a new ending and a wide variety of improvements that will also be available for Steam players, through a completely free update. In equipment with support for this, Transient will have a performance at 4K and HDR compatibility; In addition, there will also be additional achievements, saved multiple options, etc.

TRANSIENT - Lovecraft Inspired Cyberpunk Cosmic Thriller Set in Strange Dimensions & Digital Worlds

Transient is presented as the fusion of H. P terror aesthetics. Lovecraft with artistic designs more of Cyberpunk proposals, presenting a distorted world in which players have to travel to a vaulted city for resolve puzzles, hacking systems and connecting to explore dimensions in search of a truth that could come back Crazy and even make them doubt their stocks.

Transient premiered by 2020 in PC with mixed press and public reviews In a distant and post-apocalyptic future, the only thing left of humanity lives in a vaulted citadel known as the city of Providence, created to resist the hard Exterior climate, describes its responsible. In it, The Last Hope of Humanity, Randolph Carter, a member of a group of hackers to salaries called Odin, runs up without wanting to be frightening reality; a truth that could end with his sanity and make him question your own existence.

Premiered on PC on October 28, 2020, Transient found varied criticisms of the press and users. Now seek to improve this perception with this extended version. Transient comes from the creators of Solarium and Darkness Within 2.

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