LOL  The Worlds 2021 had more than 70 million people seeing the great ending

LOL The Worlds 2021 had more than 70 million people seeing the great ending

Worlds 2021 was one of the editions with more surprises so far. Although there was a certain dose of accurate predictions, it does not mean that the tournament was boring completely. Especially with what happened in Group A and D, they delivered budgets with a historic one that left out to Team Liquid. The quarterfinals delivered some expected results, but Edward Gaming did not disappoint in a series that had everything, including Annie. Already in the instance of semifinals, the shock of Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok and HEO Shoemaker his contributed to a record; And the grand final did not disappoint.

Putting in context, since 2016 there was not a match that came to the last set. Except 2020, all were 3-0 in favor of the World Champion. For season 11, the Actors were aligned so that the two favorites will reach the grand end of November 6. Edward Gaming played 10 encounters to win the opportunity to make history, while DWG Kia came to play five games. The outstanding stories were the shoemaker dynasty, the redemption of Edward Gaming, Kim’s last dance Khan Dong-ha, the return of Korean dominion, among others.

Under the previous context, it is not surprising that the Gran Final of Worlds 2021 has a historical record in view (via Sports Business Journal). This according to Riot Games, who provided the data at a press conference at the San Francisco Chase Center. Those in charge of offering news were John Needham, president of ESPORTS at Riot Games, and Nazi Letha, who is at the head of LOL ESPORTS. Right there they gave the great news of the host countries of the World Cup, highlighting for the emergence of Mexico City.

In a report provided by Stream Hatchet, it was announced that The Grand Final between DWG KIA (LACK) and Edward Gaming (LPL) had a peak of 73,860,742 viewers. What is an increase of 60.33% with respect to the 2020 final, which confronted DWG KIA and Tuning (LPL). As for the average audience per minute, it was 30,640,255, that is, 32.82% more than last year. If you are curious about 2019 and 2018, we share the data:

Moments & Memories | Worlds 2021

Worlds 2020 — DWG KIA VS. Tuning (3-1): Audience Peak of 46,067,896; Average audience per minute of 23,041,174.
WORLDS 2019 — SURPLUS Phoenix vs. G2 ESPORTS (3-0): Audience Peak of 42,982,055; Average audience per minute of 21,469,358.
Worlds 2018 — Invictus Gaming vs. FANATIC (3-0): Audience Peak of 43,997,815; Average audience per minute of 19,280,120.

There was no breakdown by countries or languages. Worlds usually has several transmissions on Internet platforms, covering Latin America and Spain alike.

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