The PS5 would have more CPU

The PS5 would have more CPU

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X provide relatively much power for a small price. But some developers had wished that the Sony console would offer even more CPU performance. However, after Sony betrayed them what that would have followed, they came back promptly.

PS5: Some developers would like to have had a 16-core CPU

The technical key data of the PS5 can be seen quiet. For 400 or 500 euros (RAP), players get a Next gene console with an arrow-fast SSD, potent graphics unit, which among other things gaming in 4k and 120 Hz, and an AMD processor with 8 cores, the Pretty power offers.

But some developers did not seem to be enough, as Marc CERN, conductive system architect of the PS5, has revealed in an interview with Wired:

When we made our tour, we had some developers who really had 16 cores. But the game development is so graphic oriented that they immediately made a backdrop when we told them that we could do that, but the GPU would become smaller.

In order to further increase the performance of the PS5-CPU, Sony would have had to make compromises with the graphics unit — and that was apparently for the developers an absolute no-go.

Hear you can see the appropriate location in the interview yourself again:

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Why would the graphics chip suffered from the better CPU?

Why Sony CUT PS5 Zen 2 CPU vs Xbox Series X & PC | Why It Probably DOESN'T MATTER For Playstation 5

GPU and CPU can be found in both Xbox Series and PS5 on a single chip — the so-called SOC. So if a part of the SOCS is to be more powerful, If this performance must be saved elsewhere, since neither Sony nor Microsoft can simply increase the power consumption of the chip.

This would consume more power, hotter, what had led to an adaptation of the cooling system. In other words, the PS5 would probably have become even bigger than its already.


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Gregor Elwood

Whether a PS5 Pro could possibly put on a better CPU is still open. Officially, Sony has not yet come to an improved version of the Next-Gen console — but many hardware insiders assume that the model is already in development.

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