Horizon Forbidden West gives more details of your world and tribes  we can carry seven weapons at a time

Horizon Forbidden West gives more details of your world and tribes we can carry seven weapons at a time

Horizon Forbidden West is going to be, without a doubt, the first large release of PS5 in 2022 ; Although it will also be launched on PS4, but it is where we hope to see more about the potential of the new Sony console. Little by little, from the official blog of PlayStation give us new details of the game. Now, a new entry focuses on how they have worked since Guerrillas to make a credible world and also provide more details of Allys evolution in combat and some novelties of the game system.

Since the Dutch study, they say that our prohibited west visit will be a step further, because they have worked thoroughly to make a more realistic world. Both by environments and by the behavior of the tribes in the settlements.

When you travel the forbidden West, nothing may be out of place. The team of living guerrilla worlds works in those aspects that make the world of the game be full of authenticity and life: the tribes, settlements and their inhabitants. Everything we do in the world has a purpose, says ESPN Son, chief designer of vivid guerrilla worlds.

So, as he says the study of the Netherlands, we will live an adventure plagued by details. Each tribe will have its routines and customs that will influence when trying to communicate with them.

In the end, our goal is that PCs fit with the place where they live, and we work closely with other internal teams, such as narrative, missions and environments, to make sure everything is authentic. All NPP Notch Fighters of Horizon Forbidden West are part of a multitudes system, explains ESPN. In this system, we can create rules such as reactions, itineraries on foot and other animations. There is also the system of attitudes, which is also It is responsible for defining personality. This means that we can create unique inhabitants, with their own behavior in the world.

Allys relationship with these tribes will mark the development, both at the narrative and playable level. When we design the key functions that make up the progression systems of a game, these should always be developed taking into account the other design sections, says Steven Lumpkin, Senior Guerrilla Designer. Beyond the narrative of Horizon, it is essential that all our systems work in harmony to provide our players a fantastic experience as soon as they get to the controls.

On the other hand, the study also promises more options when using different attire and weapons for Ally, ensuring many more options.

Now, weapons have more advantages so that you specialize more if possible. In addition, Now Ally can take up to six weapons at the same time, without counting his faithful spear. Athens not only grant resistance to the numerous types of Damage that Ally may suffer in West Prohibited, but also cumulative bonuses for Allys skills in the skill tree. If you choose the appropriate attire to enhance the corresponding skills, your strength will not have limits. In case it was little, you can change weapons and outfit at a Santiago. So you will pass from one tactic to another when you want, they say in Guerrilla.

Horizon Forbidden West New Info! TRIBES, NPC's, Settlements Crafting And Living World! Dev Blog 4!
The launch date of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 and PS4 is February 18, 2022.

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