Yoshida s picture diary  Super Robot War 30 should choose a mission in the order you like

Yoshida s picture diary Super Robot War 30 should choose a mission in the order you like

UFO Robot Grenadier (UFOロボ グレンダイザー, Yugo Robot Grenadier), additionally called Pressure 5: Grander in the USA, is a Japanese Super Robot anime television series and also manga developed by manga artist Go Nagar. It is the 3rd entry in the Malinger trilogy. The anime television collection was generated by Tea Dog and also Dynamic Planning and broadcast on Fuji TV from October 5, 1975, to February 27, 1977, and lasted 74 episodes. The robot s first look in the United States was as a part of the Shogun Warriors line of super robot playthings imported in the late 1970s by Mattel, after that in Jim Terry s Pressure Five series, both under the title Grander. It was commonly preferred between East, France, French-speaking Canada and Italy.

When Super Robot Wars 30 was announced 30. It was a 30-piece robot animation coming out, but simply 30 It was anniversary work.

Spa Robot is also a longevity series that has been a longevity series for 30 years, and at the same time, I was able to get older who was playing from the beginning of the series, and I felt an old place in a surprising place.

That s why this time, this time, the Spa Robot series the latest work Super Robot War 30 Nintendo Switch Version!

This work is a 30th anniversary, and a new system such as a tactical area select that can schedule the order to play by yourself from multiple missions, and a new system, such as Auto Battle to combat automatically.

I wonder what these systems have the impact on the game!

War of each work is also crossover. History like hell!

A year war, HEL Pivot, Magenta, Battle of Magenta, Battle of Ural in Beninese, Assassination of Emperor Slouch… In the history of Spa Robot 30, these events were happening in the past 10 years.

Is this a cost of crossover of the hero…!

And this is the main character of this work, which has survived history like hell, Turkeys Yeshiva.

Nickname is an uncle male hero! It is characterized by his mind like saying about his mind and a red muffler.

It s just like my appearance of the Salary man!

Returning the story… The birthday and blood type is an important item that changes the mental command to remember by the one chosen. My birthday and blood type, pull me a good mental command……!

It is started by entering everything and started. By the way, I can play with a free trial version up to 4 episodes!

In Japan, a threat of the mysterious machine veteran corps threat and siren that informs the enemy s attack was rung.

Super Robot Wars 30 | GamePlay PC
If the hero full of mission is full of evacuation guidance volunteers…… Do not dispute with Hikkibin 30 which is a military aircraft?

Oil IPO…… Death Zits.

However, against such an expectation, the main character slaughters the enemy with an overwhelming ability.

By the way, I am a basic ON group. I will skip if I get tired….

Uncle, which leaves the machine veteran corps, but unauthorized use of military aircraft. Well, that s right….

However, because there were no other suitable human resources, it was appointed as a pilot of Hike Vine 30 without disruption.

, that s a year…… of a year of war……

Amur Ray looks like…!

Enhance in a new system!

The units to which the protagonists belong are by default, but are named Dry Rotates but can be changed freely.

Do you think about it? Well, that s right….

Decided to let the unit name Gem Spa !

It will be blown out because the name gem spa is called.

Such editorial length… but a battleship Dry Stories serving as a captain, but in addition to normal aircraft remodeling, special strengthening is possible that is called AOS update.

AOS update is also enhanced, as well as strengthening of the dry stronger itself, as well as an increase in the amount of funds and improving the performance of the allay aircraft.

Here is a Hike vine that has a full remodeled with an upper limit with an AOS update.

It is a look at the aim of applying a super robot such as getter and Malinger and remodeling preferentially, and the protagonist to be ace pilot in the early stages.

I like to save money to some extent, and I like to fully modify it from modification. Uncle who was such luggage is also ace pilot at once!

Also, a new system tactical area select is adopted for the scenario progression of this work. The conventional series had progressed in the scenario in a fixed order except for route branches, but in this work, you can choose freely from among the missions present.

Let s start with this mission that the prefaced body will participate. In the past work, I was not able to use the point of the actual body at the end of the game, so there was a lot of use… I m glad that the mission is a selection ceremony!

However, in the mission, there is a release condition such as or more on the designated aircraft shoot down, and it is necessary to make an active role without using the same machine.

There is no more turn that I thought it was full remodeling! ?

Past Ace Pilot is now…

Even if you use a variety of aircraft, even if you do not know the original, you tend to take up later development because there is no relationship. The aircraft used when playing the past Spa Robot series was quite biased.

However, if I thought that I would like to see the animation of the participation work in a long time ago, I had to go to the rental shop now, so I can feel free to watch at home because the video distribution service is fulfilling. It became a convenient world.

I usually don t see much animation, but it is an animation pickled only before and after the Spa Robot new work.

Thanks to this, every aircraft was able to grow evenly, and the main character who was at the Ace Pilot seat was taken away in the other character, and the other character has been robbed in the first place of shot down.

As you have an increase in your favorite animation and the character, you will be deprived of the second place, third place, and you will lose your presence.

And now……

For non-combatants equipped with reinforced parts that can be obtained by funding or points by the moved mass.

The end of the map has become a sadist to be sloped and going to the right.

The clear time is about 60 hours. There were some missing missions, so I think it takes more time to play everything.

It is the most disliked by strategic simulation, not limited to the Spa Robot series, but it was a good number of enemies in the game of the game.

Thanks to that, I was playing hardly with no break.

There is also a feeling about the addition of the participation work in DLC, but there is also a feeling that I hate it when it comes to the main story…, but as in Sakura Wars, the title I m glad if it comes to the end of the war. Sega pain and Earth Defense Corporate Die Guard and Genie Hero Water 2 are personally the best!

Super Robot War 30 is on sale for PS4 / Nintendo switch / PC.

Profile of Yeshiva Temperature Profile : Mysterious uncle who continues writing picture diary of his own image for more than 20 years. In recent years, we have appeared as a popular cartoon mob character such as Cha-cha s School Road (Katakana) and INRI JK Bahamas (At sushi Co., Ltd.), Tatami Sakai (Shogakukan), etc. Until now, the animation work has appeared three times. Why he seems to have appeared in the manga so much, and the manga artist who drawn also does not know well Yeshiva. Recently, I started a picture diary project that plays Sky Rim with two people, and I started Sky Rim Double-Marker Roll Play Trip. Here is a Twitter for the latest notification of the plan. Yeshiva Taiwan individual s Twitter is here.

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