Xbox Cloud Gaming ha llegado a Xbox One y Xbox Series X

Xbox Cloud Gaming ha llegado a Xbox One y Xbox Series X

Xbox Cloud Gaming (mentioned in the growth phase Job Cloud) is a cloud gaming solution of the US company Microsoft. In November 2019, the solution was released as component of Beasts as well as then formally begun for subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15, 2020.

Today, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in 25 countries will have the option to play cloud games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming was officially launched, which allows players to directly access the games without having to wait for them to download. Xbox considers that the installation of games remains the badge experience of the Xbox consoles, but the transmission in the cloud will allow players to try these games before devoting space on the hard drive. Xbox sees the games in the cloud as an important part of the future of the industry, and it will be interesting to see how service works for most users!

There are some interesting advantages beyond download times and saving space on the hard drive. In particular, the transmission in the cloud will allow Xbox One users to see games that would not otherwise be compatible with their hardware. Exclusive next-generation as The medium, recompile, and the companies can now be enjoyed in the previous Xbox hardware. Xbox promises that it will continue to expand its next-generation offers to Xbox One through cloud games next year, with Microsoft Flight Simulator listed as a specific example.

Cloud Gaming will be launched at «A subset of Xbox players and will expand all players in the markets admitted during the next few weeks». The company also plans to add to Brazil to your list of countries admitted to the near future. Xbox has devoted many resources to make the games in the cloud a large part of the culture of the company, and it is likely that that continues in the coming years.

It even seems possible that we can see Xbox Cloud Gaming reach other platforms in the future. There have been rumors for years that Xbox Game Pass could reach Nintendo Switch, but the platform could not handle several games in the service. Cloud Gaming would make that a possibility, and Nintendo Switch has already offered versions in the cloud of titles in the past, with guardians of the Marvel Galaxy Being a recent example. Of course, since Xbox Cloud Gaming is still in beta version on Xbox platforms, it could spend a lot of time before it launches elsewhere!

Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
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