Seifferth and Wimberg miss World Cup

Seifferth and Wimberg miss World Cup

The Bayreuth Seifert falls out for the two games in the World Cup qualifier in Nuremberg against Estonia (25 November) and in Poland (28 November) because of a foot injury. The Chemnitz Timber is missing for personal reasons. Herbert nominated Michael Lessens (Telecom Baskets Bonn) and David Kramer (Basketball Lion Braunschweig).

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Herbert had taken the successor of Henrik Roll after the Olympic Games. The former coach of Report Skylines Frankfurt and Alba Berlin has to do without the professionals of Bayern Munich and Alba Berlin at his first two international matches, which are employed in parallel in the Euro league.

He turns to the participation of Johannes Voigtmann (Ska Moscow), Islet Alpina (Fenerbahçe Istanbul) and Timor Pork (Eyes Istanbul. The NBA players around Dennis Schröder lacks.

The World Cup will be held in 2023 in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. Previously, the European Championship will take place with a preliminary round in Cologne and the final round in Berlin.

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