Xbox Series X   now at o2 in the tariff offer with Allnet

Xbox Series X now at o2 in the tariff offer with Allnet

At o2 you just get the Xbox Series X in the Tarifdeal. There are several options that differ mainly in the volume of data, but all include both a telephone and an SMS flat rate. For the tariff option with 20 GB data volume with 4G or 5G (maximum 300 Bit / s), for example, you pay 39.99 euros a month, 120 GB of data volume is available for 54.99 euros. The minimum contract term is always 24 months, the one-time device price is only one euro. Here you will find the deal:

Xbox Series X in the tariff offer at o2

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The console is immediately available from the o2 shop. But there are shipping costs of 4.99 euros.

How cheap is the tariff?

Total costs: Since we can not carry out each of the tariff offers individually, we use ourselves here as an example with 20 GB data volume. At this, you pay 959.76 euros for the basic price in the two years of the minimum contract term. Added to this are the unique device price of one euro and shipping costs of 4.99 euros. The total costs are thus 965.75 euros.

Savings: Comparable contracts with 20 GB LTE and Allnet-Flat we have found on comparison platforms only from an average monthly price of 26.24 euros (14.99 euros in the first six months, then 29.99 euros). In the first two years, the 629.76 euros. The Xbox Series X would cost individually €499.99, if you can act somewhere at all. Together, the 1,129.75 euros. So at least 164 euros saves you with the o2 deal.

Xbox Series X in the tariff offer at o2

If you just do not feel like a fare offering and would rather know where you can get the Xbox Series X else, you may keep an eye on our availability ticker:

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