For this reason Jennifer Oneal renounced as co

For this reason Jennifer Oneal renounced as co

The Report of The Wall Street Journal where accusations against Bobby Kick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, have also mentioned that Jennifer Oneal, who became Co-Director of Blizzard after the departure of J. Allen Back last August, and who renounced this position at the beginning of November, he culminated his relationship with this company as a symbolic, marginalized and discriminated representation.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, who had access to CoreOS between Oneal and the managers, the ex-codirector of Blizzard professed a lack of faith in the Leadership of Activision to change the culture [Labor] next to this, it was also revealed That Oneal was harassed at the beginning of his career. As if that were not enough, was pointed out that when she s climbing, she did not receive an egalitarian pay to Mike Ibarra, the other co-director.

By making this information known, Activision Blizzard issued a statement where they indicate that one alike was offered an egalitarian pay for their last position. However, IGN, who claim to have seen emails and conversations between the two co-directors, has pointed out that Oneal was offered a remuneration similar to that of Ibarra only when she alternated her desire to leave the company.

According to IGN, this was what Oneal commented on this:

When Mike and I were placed in the same role of co-directors, we assume the role with our previous compensation, which was not equivalent. He remained thus for some time, long after we made several rejected requests to change him to parity. While the company informed me before presenting my resignation that they were working on a new proposal, they only made us equivalent offers after I presented that resignation.

Jennifer Oneal points out that the position of it as co-director was only a form of symbolic representation. At the beginning of this month, the Executive abandoned the position of it, and for the moment it is unknown which one will be the next step of it in this industry. On related topics, shareholders also want Bobby Kick Renounce.

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It is a pity that one o clock was treated in this way. Being a woman with Asian descent and part of the LGBT community, the Activision Blizzard executives surely thought that taking it to a new position would be enough to demonstrate the commitment of it with offering a safe work environment, but this was not the case.

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