Battlefield 2042 im Test  Multiplayer

Battlefield 2042 im Test Multiplayer

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Electronic Arts positioned Battlefield 2042 as one of the largest multiplayer experiences this fall, but in numerous points the shooter is still away. Granted, All-out-Warfare parts are a great fun with a good team, but unfortunately sometimes end up in fair frustration. Especially if the performance in some team members fluctuates to fight the servers again with latency and matchmaking problems or make a stroke of the player s inferior bugs. The same is Hazard Zone : In the core, the new, very tactically held game variant makes a lot of moods and made in the test for busy tension-loaded moments. As a whole, however, the mode is still a lack of fine and tailor-made cards and training options. Especially beginners are likely to quickly lose the desire to stay on the ball longer, which has not yet been well-aligned Credit system. Hardly closer, however, makes the ingenious portal mode, which can be shiny not only six classic cards in completely new splendor, but thanks to Battlefield Builder also completely crazy, incredibly fun mode neut rations of the community to life. In short: DICE also laces a fun multiplayer package with Battlefield 2042. Until it runs right, but still have some patches.

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All-out-Warfare is a murder Saudi with a well-rehearsed team
Portal mode ensures exciting new player experiences
Very successful modernized retro cards for the portal mode
Cross platform support (with restrictions)
Create your own game modes with the Battlefield Builder
Specialist concept blooms in Hazard Zone full
Strong effects, chic weather phenomena, beautiful vehicle models
Solid gun play, interesting specialist gadgets


Latency and matchmaking problems, disconnections
Even various detail errors, for example in weapons free circuits et cetera
Performance optimizations are necessary
Hazard zone mode is little to beginner-friendly, specialists with balance problems
No In game Voice Chat, No Scoreboard, Only 22 New Weapons

Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer Gameplay First Impressions: Portal, Hazard Zone & Conquest!
Hazard zone without training mode and individual cards
Degree of destruction for a Next-Gen-Battlefield rather disappointing
No single player missions as in Battlefield 5

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With Battlefield 1942, the Swedish developer DICE 2002 put the foundation for a multiplayer series in which not only infantry units play a decided role, but also driving and aircraft. 19 years later, Battlefield 2042 goes to the start and is said to be the proven basic concept for the next twelfth time on the next level. Amongst the purpose, amongst other things, huge cards for up to 128 players, so-called specialists with individual special skills, a brand new game mode called Hazard Zone and the complex Battlefield Builder — an editor, with each player own modes on the legs sets.

Computer picture has played the overall package in the versions for PC and Xbox Series X up and down and have a lot of fun — but unfortunately also experienced many disappointments. The first: The developers do without this time, unlike in Battlefield 5, on Stylistic Single Player Inserts. For confessing multiplayer enthusiasts this is not a leg break. In order to dive thematically deeper into the science fiction scenario outlined here — a global war between the US and Russia — and to familiarize beginners with all game mechanics, a solo campaign would still have been offered.

Rather, Battlefield 2042 relies on a very clear multiplayer focus and celebrates this in three categories. The beginning makes all-out warfare, the torching basin for all those who conquer and conquer and hold forward for serial-typical modes such as breakthrough and conquer (control points). Both game variants provide specifically with a constantly communicating online troop for a lot of thrills and are playable on currently seven cards that DICE distributes over the entire globe.

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Good cards with nice ideas

On Manifest, for example, burning battles in a huge container portable port on Brain Island in Singapore. On Orbital the warts are dueling a space station in French Guyana. In discarded it goes on a ship s cemetery in India to the point, hourglass she tapped into the center of Qatar. On Neighing the factions in the Arab desert bounce together, Kaleidoscope gives players in the futuristic South Korean Planted Song do and on upheaval is a rugged Antarctic region of the action of the action.

The map scale depending on the game mode and unused platform in the size and wait with numerous interesting level design ideas, including a detailed elaborated oil rig to break a gigantic protective wall with manipulable gates to new beginning and largely intricate sand masses stadium Hourglass. Soon, however, many, often barren fall open spaces in the eye that are possibly true for vehicle combat quite interesting for infantry but most of all mean one thing: long walking distances without much coverage to protect against snipers.

Destruction: Solid, but not groundbreaking

A double-edged sword, moreover, the weather phenomena that occur on many maps. Sweeps for example, a tornado over the map Scrapped, does the one hand terrific and makes playfully in the form of reduced visibility, uprooted trees and swirling through the air infantry noticeable. On the other hand, however, the hurricane far left by the destruction that one would expect in such a wind.

The same applies to the destruction of the environment by large-caliber weapon systems. Clear, walls crumble, explode fuel tanks and various interactive objects getting broken. To put whole building literally in ruins, but is not provided. Too bad, because with this feature to Battlefield 2042 would have felt gene Next technically really after.

lot of room for

Speaking of technology: the running in the trial, although more rounded than in the beta version, but has still struggling with numerous problems. So it came off and floated before that more distant infantrymen not animated on the floor, the camera for a Bildschirmtod briefly under the card waved, to fallen comrades could not revive, destroyed turrets of tanks in slow motion to the ground cracked or Hubschauer despite seconds long rotors contact with a rocky cliff not crashed. The good news from player perspective: Dice has many of these flaws on the screen and now also an official Known Issues published -Overview, which now update the developer regularly and plow.

More flexibility and freedom

But back to the actual gameplay core of All-out Warfare. Who knows if we exclude the already outlined initial difficulties in convincing and scores with interesting design approaches. For example, the Plus system. This allows to change already activated weapons essays middle of the battle. Flexibility is also in the choice of weapons on the program. That means: Each specialist must perform any already freely played weapon into the field.

That the specialists — so to speak, the available hero classes — still feel very different, is primarily due to their individual special abilities. Casper, for example, handled with a remote-controlled drone and motion sensors, so it is ideal to enemy positions scout. Boris has an autonomous, anywhere placeable turret in the luggage, Sun dance slides thanks wing suit like a flying squirrel from A to B, Angel animated counterparts with full health and armor bonus again — and so on.

All in all, adds the specialist system pretty good one. When it comes to balancing needs Dice but again rework — and it does, fortunately, already. In the case of front-line fighters Dozen about the makers have disabled the ballistic shield temporarily, because he withstood several tank projectiles. Meanwhile, the problem is fixed.

Hazard Zone: mode experiment with potential

Royale-inspired Battle Firestorm mode pandered while Dice in Battlefield 5 until months after release with the additional attention, you try it this time with a whole new mode creation directly to the start. The result is called Hazard Zone and sends eight four-team (or six on PS4 and Xbox One) in search of valuable data carriers from downed satellite. The squad, which most have recovered at the end and safely on board a flight extracting the card leaves wins.

Sounds simple, but especially since the team is tactically very demanding, the media first of all places, then AI soldiers from the hands of and need to eventually bring to an evacuation point. For further tactical depth makes the fact that evacuation flyer advance only twice during the whole game and fallen comrades only by using a second chance of uplink terminals. At the end of a round, the game rewards all successful actions with credits, which in turn buying practical gadgets for the next round of permit.

The problem of Hazard Zone : Specially ultimate reward mechanism quickly ensures that successful players soon swim in credits and thus always can buy much more and better equipment for the next game. Beginners, on the other hand, who leave early and little tear, get as good as no credits and therefore hardly shut down better weapons and tools that improve their starting position in the next round. In other words, those who do not intensively pure themselves and brings some frustration tolerance quickly loses the desire. Also, because performance-oriented credits boosts are missing for beginners, a bot-based training mode and other support mechanisms. How dice readjusted at Hazard Zone in the future is uncertain. With the right fine-tuning, however, Hazard Zone would certainly have the potential to open up new target groups — even in the ESPORT sector.

Portal: ingenious mode for hobbyists

The best multiplayer experiences often arise when you simply experiment easily. That s exactly what the developers probably thought of portal mode, the third large pillar of Battlefield 2042. Here everything revolves to let various battlefield universes in creative new modes cleavage. The best thing: These game options do not just come from DICE, everyone may design themselves and share them with the community.

Means for the purpose is the Battlefield Builder, a web-based editor. He performs step by step through the creation process and not only supports the contents of Battlefield 2042, but also all weapons, classes, modes, and two classic cards presented visually to the state of the art, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well as Battlefield 3. The resulting possibilities are bombastic. A team-Deathmatch between British soldiers from the UR-Battlefield and Russian high-tech infantry from Battlefield 3 on the cult card El Altman ? Created in no time. An exclusively with sniper guns and grenades FREE-4-ALL between Bad Company 2 fighters and Battlefield 2042 specialists? Children s play!

If one deals more intensively with the editor, but much more is possible. The spectrum ranges from asymmetric team sizes through slowed ball rates to the possibility to re-rely on entering vehicles. The I-cart of the whole is finally a complex logic editor for the individual adaptation of rules, in game events, victory conditions and the like more. In other words, a paradise for multiplayer tinker! Time should be brought to this, however, because specifically the handling of the logic editor requires a lot of incorporation.

Release Battlefield 2042 : November 19, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / s. The game costs approximately 60 euros in the trade, the US has released it from 16 years.

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