Moon  Remix RPG Adventure and Black Bird take Date on PS4 and PS5 for December 16th

Moon Remix RPG Adventure and Black Bird take Date on PS4 and PS5 for December 16th

moon: Remix RPG Adventure (Endings, Cut Content, & Secrets)
The Nintendo 3DS (ニンテンドー 3DS, Nintendo 3DS) is an 8th generation mobile console established by Nintendo, having the peculiarity of a telescopic 3D display (without glasses). Nintendo 3DS does well Nintendo DS, and also is retro-compatible with the software application of the Nintendo DS. It is readily available at launch under 2 colors: shallows blue as well as black universes. His major rival is Sony s PlayStation Vita.
Introducing the console on March 23, 2010, Nintendo formally introduced at the Electronic Enjoyment Exposition 2010 on June 15, welcoming participants to check it. According to some analysts, the Nintendo calendar, which drew away attention with the launch of the new Nintendo DSI XL, was possibly meant to avoid leakages from the Japanese press. The console comes out on February 26, 2011, in Japan as well as March on other significant markets (United States, Europe).
The very first examinations of the console are very passionate, especially pertaining to autostatoscopic 3D technology. The sales of the console validate this excellent perception. The Nintendo 3DS holds the fastest sales document in Japan for a console, having actually surpassed the record established by the Game Child Advancement, with greater than 4.7 million units offered in 11 months. In September 2020, the console had actually passed 75.94 million duplicates in the globe.
On September 17, 2020, Nintendo introduces the end of manufacturing of all 3DS family members consoles.

Almost 25 years after leaving on PlayStation, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure will soon be back on Sony Consoles. The Studio Onion Games has indeed announced its marketing by dematerialized for 16 December, at the side of another title, Black Bird.

Already available on Switch for two years, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure will be returning to the fold in a month any battery under the leader of Onion Games. The opportunity to discover or rediscover this atypical and pacifist RPG, in which the player must repair all the evil caused by a hero in leaving armor. Julien Prior and Alex Pilot had devoted an episode of Retro Island to this title developed at the time by the small troop of reneges led by Knight Nisei, Yoshihiri Timur and Taro Judo.

Onion Games also announces the publication, the same day, from Black Bird, an Shoot Them Up to the gloomy atmosphere and focusing on the musical dimension, as far as the pace of action wife Compositions. A title here already available on Switch, since 2018, but also on PC.


Moon: Remix RPG Adventure — Trailer (PS5 / PS4 / Steam)

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