These are our most embarrassing gambling accidents

These are our most embarrassing gambling accidents

The list of Wii video games covers from the console s launch in 2006 to the last game launch in 2020. There are 1596 video clip games, some unreleased, for the Wii computer game console.

Many of us probably had the one or the other smaller accident at Hockey. Whether we accidentally dropped the controller or have dropped the snack bag over the couch with a meaty hand movement. But some accidents have really suffered, whether they were physical pain, and we simply have a little sham.

Here we tell you the most embarrassing accidents we had while gambling. And as always, we also interest us whether you have a few funny gaming in stock. If she likes to share with us in the comments.

Dennis has broken with Beat Saber almost the hand

For three weeks I have been a big fan of the Oculus Quest 2 and have played Beat Saber up and down (what an incredibly good game !!!). Who does not say the rhythm game: Here, with two light seeds in the hands of well-known songs, I broke colored blocks that scratches quickly on me? And who once played Beat Saber, knows that from hard or expert is asked a lot of body use.

Stupid only if the free space in your own butt, let s say, is manageable. There is a sofa behind me, right a dresser and a desk right in front of me. Council who was completely immersed in the virtual reality that has turned off visual warning limits for more immersion and has hammered with full force with the fist on the table. The table is fine, but my fingertips could not say that. They looked a short time more after a fisting than a sporty round VR. Therefore, from me the pro-tip for Dulles like me: Never turn off the warning limits, your hands will thank you.

Linda had to look at what the brother of her buddies was beaten with the Wii remote control

Can you still remember the Boxing game from Wii Sports? There we struggled with our Mid against other miss by imitation movements with Wii remote control and Nun chuck in our local living rooms. Again to emphasize: Here it was about the digital figurine surrounds, by no means real people. Well, my then school friend did not take this rule so seriously over about 15 years ago.

One afternoon we played the Wii Sports-Boxing game. Said buddy whose smaller, at that time six years old brother and me. I sat comfortably in the armchair as the two siblings just got an inexorable digital impact exchange. Almost ecstatically, they whirled around the Wii controllers. It looked like an uncovered but exuberant dance. Then it came as it had to come: from digital was analogous, for fun became serious.

My school friend forgot for a brief moment his environment because he was so focused on the screen, took out too far with the Wii remote control and hit his brother with a brooded hit at the head. Clonk.

I have to admit: I did not get on my cozy (and safe) armchair any more than laugh. The brother had to wipe away a few radishes, but came unhurt. That s why I still laugh about it today.

at Annika led motion control to abdominal pain, but with laugh

Before they seduced us Xbox kine ct and the Wii to more movement in front of the console, I already hailed in 2005 with my playing boyfriend before the Eye toy camera of the PlayStation 2. This captured our movement and transferred them into the game. Unfortunately, I do not know what the game was accurate, but there was a game tent, which in other ways firmly burned into my brain and still cares for laughing today.

If we played with the Eye toy camera on the PS2 for two, we had to put on a binding leg and make any up and down movements. So far, so good until I suddenly heard a loud match from the direction of my friend. That was due to the something to extreme execution of the exercise his boxer short wide torn — nicely in the middle of the step. As amusing I found that, you can certainly think when I add that otherwise he does not wear more pants. We were just walking right after getting up with sleep clothes Eye toy gone. Fortunately, he had just as if I had to laugh about it and had nothing else to talk about. However, I also owed him a new boxer shorts, but that was all worth.

Rae has exaggerated with the sword fight on the Wii

It would be lied if I would say that I have not built some accidents in connection with video games. Among other things, the classic would be that I m ran against the wall when playing with VR headset. Or the joycon-destructive case of my Nintendo Switch when I made a frustrated hand movement thanks to Mario + Rabbits, and they liked it out of my hand. And of course, once when I accidentally hit a poor Microsoft employee when testing a Kine ct tennis game on Games Com, because I was something too enthusiastic when performing the movements…

Probably the most embarrassing accident (or probably the most embarrassing injury), however, was when I bought my Nintendo Wii and found about too much fun to Wii Sports s resort. More specifically, on the sword fight. So much fun that I have forgotten completely the time until my parents have asked me eight hours later, whether it is not enough. The answer should barely surprise you. How did I hurt myself, do you ask? Well, apparently I was very enthusiastic thanks to Wii Motion Plus, which started executing the movements, and I bleed in the following days. I had such a tennis arm that I could not move three complete days to my entire right arm or just reach out, without having hellish pain… since then I have not played a sword fight on the Wii. Too dangerous.

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Toby shredded the palm at Mario Party

A real accident was not my hardest gambling injury really, but more or less debt. Because at the first Mario Party on the N64, there were several mini-games in which the analog stick had to be rotated as fast as possible in circle to be successful. Paddle Skedaddle for example or the big duck — many of you will remember. And in order to be able to accomplish this rotation even faster, I also used the hand in the hand like many others. And this technique was also pretty successful, at least I can remember many victories on the screen.

For my palm, however, the wild revival was turned out as defeat, because after several games, the upper skin layers began to throw blisters first and then replace themselves. Back remained felt the naked meat with whom the mentioned mini-games were not even playable with a bandage. A painful, but therefore unforgettable memory of the N64 era.

And now of course the question to you: Do you remember your most embarrassing or funniest gambling accidents?

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