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WoW, players already know the problem: If the maximum level is raised with each extension and there are always new equipment, which increases the values ​​of the characters, then you will eventually achieve numbers that overwhelm the system and the player eye. And exactly on such a problem would sooner the heroes Boreas soon.

But since the Square developers know that, there will be a corresponding measure with the upcoming extension end walker (more precisely: with patch 6.0): the all-way popular value duet. Or as Square it calls: a neutralization of the numerical values. In 67 . Letter from the producer LIVE had already explained the developers to override the values ​​in the character database for the new scaling. With such a true amount of data, this is not possible by individual adjustments. Therefore, patch 6.0 resets the accumulated routine to zero on all characters.

On the official website of Final Fantasy 14, there are now more details about the latest scaling and routine reset:

News calcified values ​​with patch 6.0

Life points and shared damage

Along wise, the property values ​​of equipment and material, the effects of medicines and dishes as well as the life points and attack values ​​of monsters are lowered.

Values ​​of synthesis and finishing commands

Along with this, the requirements for progress and quality are reduced in the synthesis recipes, the effects of synthesis and finishing commands, and others relevant to the synthesis.

routine needed for the step-up

Both the routine required for the step upgrade and the amount of routine obtained are reduced. The adaptation applies to fighter classes (job classes), collectors and craftsmen, assistants and friendly NPCs in side by side.

Resetting the routine with patch 6.0

In the course of the neutralization, the values ​​in the character database must be overwritten. The accumulated routine is reset to zero. The following routine values ​​are affected:

The routine of battle classes (job classes)
The routine of craftsmen and collectors
The routine of assistants

FFXIV - Botanist/Miner 1 - 80 Leveling Guide | Beginner & Endwalker-friendly
The Routine of friendly NPCs in page by side

Only the routine collected since the last step upgrade is reset. The stages are not changed.
The routine of colleagues, commands of state societies as well as the deep vault and the forbidden country Eureka remain unchanged, as well as the front beaten for the Bozja-South Front and the Manor plateau.

The developers recommend waiting for a step-up to wait until Patch 6.0 has been implemented to keep the routine loss as low as possible.

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