Warframe   How to inflict corrosive damage  Finish the Meltdown Challenge

Warframe How to inflict corrosive damage Finish the Meltdown Challenge

Deep Rock Galactic is a participating first-person shooter computer game created by Danish workshop Ghost Ship Gaming and also published by Coffee Spot Posting. Deep Rock Galactic was totally launched on May 13, 2020, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One after spending two years in early accessibility.

In this guide, we show you how to inflict corrosive damage in Warframe and how to quickly conclude the daily challenge of Meltdown.

The Daily Challenge Night Wave today Warframe works to get eliminations with corrosive damage. Corrosive damage is a type of secondary elementary damage that can be obtained by painting two types of main damage. You do this using mods on your weapon, and it is a fairly easy to conclude challenge. Corrosive damage can cause corrosion status effect, which will reduce the armor of the affected unit by 20%. Each additional battery of the status effect will reduce the armor of an additional 6%. The maximum number of batteries can accumulate is 10, with a 20% armor reduction. Each battery also has its own 8 seconds, and the new batteries do not refresh the stopwatch on the existing batteries.

How to make corrosive damage

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To obtain corrosive damage on your weapon, you must combine a mod that deals electrical damage and a mod that inflicts toxin damage in the same version. Once you do this, the mods will combine to make corrosive damage, as indicated in the image above. There are several weapons in the game that inflicts innate corrosive damage, and although it is easier to use mods to finish this challenge, it is always useful to know which weapons have integrated corrosive damage because it can Then be increased using the mods of electrical damage and toxins.

Kill 150 enemies with Corrosive damage | Meltdown Challenge Guide | Warframe | The Glassmaker


It s easy enough to challenge because you only need 150 victims with corrosive damage. Simply apply the electric mods and toxin to the weapon of your choice, load yourself in a mission and the killings will arrive quite quickly! Good luck, Tenn!

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