Update the release date of The Elder Scrolls 6 shared by Bethesda

Update the release date of The Elder Scrolls 6 shared by Bethesda

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Bethesda has shared a launch date The Elder Scrolls 6 and the update is, more or less, that the game is still quite far from its launch. When it is launch, we still do not know what platforms it will be. PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are safe bets, but the more it takes the game to launch, the chances that it reaches Xbox One begin to fall into chopping. Meanwhile, there is no reason to expect it to reach PS5. That said, according to the director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, the fans should not worry about any of this at this time because the game will not be released soon.

During a recent interview, Howard referred to the game and how long the fans have been waiting for the follow-up of Skyrim. To this end, Howard admits that the gap has not been ideal.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard UPDATES us on The Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield and Fallout 5 News!

Do you plan to have the kind of gap we have between Skyrim and the follow-up? I can not say it s a good thing, said Howard to IGN. I would like to be able to move a wand and the game we wanted to do? […] just come out? Absolutely.

On this basis, Howard revealed that STANFIELD was prioritized about The Elder Scrolls Vi because the team felt that if the game was not now, it is possible that never be done.

«We felt doing something like star field… we had wanted to do something else for a long time and play in a new universe, so if not now, I m going back in time, we started just after fallout 4, then 2015 — if it s not now, when? I felt that, if we did not do it then, the when could be never, Howard said.

While Howard does not mention a release date or a launch window for The Elder Scrolls VI, what this confirms is that most of Bethesda Game Studios is working on Star field, and it will be until it released. What does this mean for the next antique Per gamins Game? It probably means that it is still in preproduction and, therefore, at least, several years still miss.

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