Shift up Destiny Tea Id  Dual Gingde Season 7 Update

Shift up Destiny Tea Id Dual Gingde Season 7 Update

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The shift-up said on the 11th Mobile RPG Destiny Child on Dual Acid Season 7 and New Narrative Dungeon Updates and the 5th anniversary event.

PVP Content Dual Single Season 7 ​​will be held for a week from November 11th. In this Dual-Ang Games, you can constitute 15 children s parties, excluding recovery and specific children, and depending on the multiplier that achieved, you can earn amplifying core lucky boxes, 2020 children s boxes, 5-star chills, etc. have.

The new narrative dungeon, which appeared by the new Child Tammy, will be held until November 25th.

The user can acquire a narrative child selection box, a rendering lucky box, an ignition core material lucky box, etc. through a narrative dungeon play.

Finally, the last of Destiny Tea IED 5th Anniversary Event, the Special Tutoring of the Lisa is held until January 5, 2022.

Lisa s special tutoring is 12 days from the date of connection, and solves a simple mission, the 6-year 60 level +6 limits is selected by date, exceeding up to seven up to seven up to seven You can get paid. In addition, up to three 5-star chief summon rights are given as final compensation depending on the number of tasks.

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