Who trembles  The stand in front of the final of the World Cup

Who trembles The stand in front of the final of the World Cup

Sara Caroline Sewer (Helsingborg, Sweden, March 19, 1985) is a Swedish football player. She plays as a midfielder as well as her current team is the FC Rosenwald of the Damallsvenskan of Sweden. She is the European player with even more games internationally played, having passed the Document of Therese Slogan of 214 video games.

Group A: Showdown on the last match day between Portugal and Serbia

already qualified : –

Outgoing position: Peaked Serbia (17 points) and the pursuer Portugal (16) are no longer to displace from the first two places. Portugal has to ran on the 9th match day in Ireland, the Serbs have a break. A decision on one thing falls as it falls on November 14th if both counterparties meet the showdown in the Studio the Luz in Lisbon.

Already from the race: Luxembourg (6 games / 6 points); Ireland (6/5); Azerbaijan (7/1)

Group B: Sweden and Spain in the advantage — Greece damn for Siegen

already qualified : –

Outgoing position: Sweden is in place with 15 points from six games before the last two match days ranked one, followed by Spain (6/13). Should Sweden win on Thursday in Georgia and Spain do not take three counters from Greece, the Scandinavians would no longer be displaced from rank one. One of the first two ranks, the Swedes were safe with a draw — should not Greece be won against Spain, the Scandinavian could even allow a defeat. Spain would be safe with a draw among the best two teams, Greece must win to stay in the race to stay the first two ranks.

already eliminated: Georgia (7/4), Kosovo (7/4)

Group C: No decision in top duel Italy against Switzerland

Already qualified: \ –

Outgoing position: Peaked Italy and the Second Switzerland (each 14 points of six lots each) are no longer to displace from the first two places. On Friday, the top duel in the group rises in the Studio Olympic in Rome. However, this will not make a decision that of the two nations will book the ticket directly or must go the detour via the qualification.

already from the race: Bulgaria (7/8), Northern Ireland (6/5), Lithuania (7/3)

Group D: Is World Champion France the last step?

Already qualified: \ –

Starting position: France performs group D with twelve points from six games. Win the world champion on Saturday against Kazakhstan, he is in Qatar. For a draw, the World Cup participation would certainly be sure if the pursuit duel between the fourth Bosnia-Herzegovina (6/7) and the third Finland (6/8) also ends with a draw. A point is enough for France but sure to no longer slip from the first two places. Finland requires a victory (Should France play draw) or a point (with a defeat of France) to remain in the race to remain the direct qualification. Bosnia-Herzegovina is under pressure to have a wonder to be able to have a word about the first two ranks. The second Ukraine is play-free and hopes for a defeat of France and that Finland does not win — only then the Eastern Europeans still stay in the race for one.

already from the race: Kazakhstan (7/3)

Group E: Only Wales could still catch Belgium

MALTA v CROATIA | 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers | Realistic Gameplay

Already qualified: \ –

Outgoing position : Leader Belgium (6 games / 16 points) can no longer rank three. If the red devil to win against Estonia on Saturday, they would be safe at the World Cup 2022. However, Wales (6/11) do not win against Belarus, Belgium would have the ticket prematurely in the bag anyway. Wales is the only team that Belgium can still intercept, but needs a victory against Belarus and has to hope for a slip-up of Belgium. On the last match day (16 November) is the direct meeting between Wales and Belgium in Cardiff. The two-placed Czechs (7/11) are play-free and hope for a Patter of the Welsh.

Already from the race: Estonia (6/4), Belarus (7/3)

Group F: Scotland has play-off-Matchball — Austria may still hope despite leaving

already qualified : Denmark (8/24)

Outgoing position: The best cards for participating in the play-offs holds Scotland (8 games / 17 points) in the hand. With a win on Friday in the Republic of Moldova, the Brave hearts would not take place two. Even a point would range, as long as Israel (8/13) is not wins in Austria (8/10). In reverse, Israel has to win and hope for a Patter Scotland to have a wonder to be able to rank two.

already from the race : Austria (can feed as one of the best Nations League group winners in the play-offs), Fare Islands (8/4), Moldova (8/1)

Group G: Netherlands and Norway in Wendell — Turkey dependent on foreign help

Already qualified: \ –

Outgoing position: Group G introduces the Netherlands (8/19 points) from Norway (8/17). Should the Local win on Saturday in Montenegro (8/11) and do not drive Norway to three points against Latvia, the Netherlands would be a group player in Qatar at the start. Regardless of the result of the Norwegian, a victory is definitely enough to cut not worse than in two rank. Norway would also have two more in a threesome against Latvia, but only when Turkey (8/15) does not win against Gibraltar. Turkey and Montenegro must retract victories and hope for slips of the competitors if they still want to be in the race on the last match day.

Already from the race: Latvia (8/5), Gibraltar (8/0)

Group H: compulsory tasks for Russia and Croatia

Already qualified: \ –

Starting position : leader Russia (8 games / 19 points) and pursuers Croatia (8/17) can no longer be displaced from the first two ranks and make the direct World Cup participant among themselves. Should Russia beat Cyprus on Thursday and Croatia do not drive three points in Malta, Russia would be safe to qualify, Croatia would have to go to the play-offs. For all other constellations, the decision only falls on the last match day, where both teams will face on Sunday.

already from the race: Slovakia (8/10), Slovenia (8/10), Malta (8/5), Cyprus (8/5)

Group I: England in the pole position

Already qualified: \ –

Outgoing position: England (8 games / 20 points) requires a point against Albania (8/15) to end the group I safely on one of the first two places. But a counter is only sufficient to the group victory when Poland (8/17) is subject to football dwarf Andorra (8/6) at the same time. Should the Three Lions win and Poland, they would have also qualified for the 2011 World Cup. However, Should Poland win, the decision is just on the last match day. Albania can only hope for a win and a simultaneous defeat of Poland on one of the first two ranks. Hungary can also reach two rather two — even if the chances are very low.

already from the race: Andorra (8/6), San Marino (8/0)

GROUP J: Germany through — Decision about rank two falls only on the last match day

Already qualified: Germany

starting position: Behind the German national team already established as a group winner, it goes closely, opportunities rank two still have Romania (8 Games / 13 Points), Nordmasedonia (8/12), Armenia (8/12) and even Iceland (8/8). The four counterparties meet in direct duels: Armenia receives Nordmasedonia and Romania Island. But no matter how both games go out — a decision on two rank falls not yet on the 9th match day.

Already from the race: Liechtenstein (8/1)

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