With Dembel   Ter Stains and a lot of PEP  How Xavi wants to create the turning to Bar a

With Dembel Ter Stains and a lot of PEP How Xavi wants to create the turning to Bar a

Together with Barcelona on the square they were already, but almost Xavi would have trained this striker of Paris St. German now. But they are directed to Lionel Messi. But Neymar.

It was not much missing, and Xavi would have become coach of the Brazilian national team. The 41-year-old betrayed on Monday at his presentation at Camp Nou. Trainer Time had offered him to join the coaching rod now, After the World Cup in Qatar, I would have taken the team, explained Xavi.

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It would have been a novelty, never before has a foreigner trained the Select. Instead, Xavi followed a trend: the Ex-Club to take over the heart club.

Xavi's 6 Revolutionary Ideas To Make Barça Shine Again
This once had also done Pep Guardiola, another UR Catalan. His former BOSS wants to emulate Xavi. For me, he is the best coach in the world, so it can only be one award for me to be compared to him. With possession of possession and pressing Xavi Barcelona wants to go back to the Barcelona that it was once. Guardiola was a master, said Xavi.

He does not need a few companions to explain much, with them in the good old Barça time with this tactic has tackled a lot of trophies. With piqué about, or also with Sergio Banquets. They would have to go for ahead, from that Xavi did not make a secret. I will ask you more than from the others, he said. Piqué, Banquets, Alba, but also Marc-André TER Steven and Sergi Roberto must throw the shop. They will have even more power in the cabin.

Dembélé s contract extension has priority

By the way of the catastrophic financial situation — Xavi, Barcelona has to pay for half of the specified exit clause to al-Sadiq after hearing from our own pocket — also put on the youngster, he wanted to help these players. Surprisingly, he also expressed himself to the Personalize Humane Dembélé (24), in Catalonia not least because of his injury susceptibility. The Treaty of ex-Dortmunders expires in the summer, talks about an extension should have already given several times. According to the Sport, Dembélé has now decided to resume, a three-year contract is in the room.

Xavi Ousted himself as a fan of the outer storm. When he works well, he could be the best footballer in the world on his position. His conditions are spectacular. For me, his contract renewal is a priority. When he led his first training on Tuesday, he could not make a picture of Dembélé. He s injured again.

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