LOL  The incredible reaction of Chinese fans to EDG victory in the Worlds 2021

LOL The incredible reaction of Chinese fans to EDG victory in the Worlds 2021

Riot Games is an American posting and also video clip game growth company started in 2006 as well as located in Los Angeles, The Golden State. She likewise organizes numerous digital sport events. The firm had only one video game published for more than 10 years, League of Legends, released in 2009 as well as gave him all his reputation in sight of the popularity he meets and preserves gradually. During the year 2020, nonetheless, the business releases Legends of Runeterra, Valor and also League of Legends: Wild Rift.

When we talk about the passion of Asian fans by League of Legends Maybe it seems that we overtime about the game. However, each time we face reality, followers of the professional scene of the Riot Games title outweigh our expectations. The clearest example has been in the reactions to the Victory of Edward Gaming in the Worlds 2021, who have unleashed a wave of celebrations of the most surprising in China.

The best reactions in China to the Worlds 2021

In context something special in which For LPL fans. A situation that has served to magnify celebrations.

Chinese Crowd + Casters react to EDG Game 5 World Finals
All this considering that the day was already beginning with surprising scenes starring Chinese fans to League of Legends, who even filled a shopping center to enjoy the final in one of the most impressive Viewing Parties than ever We have seen.

The true madness that had to be lived during the course of which will go down as one of the most exciting League of Legends competitive did not do if not to increase the tension of some amateurs who exploded when Edward Gaming made jump through the air Definitive nexus of the supermarket to the street as someone who goes to Circles, Neptune or Canal etas to celebrate the triumph of his team.

Despite everything, the party was not only lived in some places and also came to somewhat more unexpected areas. Student residences where League of Legends became the King Sport

It is clear that there are many more people who have lived intensely the Worlds 2021, although some traditions are exactly the same as those of European fans. For example, the traditional As my team gain, I raised my head.

These are just some of the most outstanding examples of the reactions of Chinese fans to the League of Legends competition. However, there are many more in the social networks of the country. A good sample that what in many cases is lived in Europe with football, is very similar to the phenomenon that has been in the Asian giant with EDGE.

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