LOL  Riot Games and the IOC would be in conversations about a possible arrival at the Olympic Games

LOL Riot Games and the IOC would be in conversations about a possible arrival at the Olympic Games

The worlds 2021 of League of Legends have just concluded, but many continue with the surf after the Victory of Edward Gaming against Damon Kia and leaving us one of the best finals of the history of competition. The latter better of five has shown that the esports continue on an up seeing especially the immense amount of people who have come together to see the final, with a total of 4 million people watching the competition. It should be noted that it does not include China, so I could upload this number of spectators up to 50 times due to the public density watching the game. Well, apparently this has caused that Riot Games and the International Olympic Committee have begun to converse about the future of the game in some Olympic Games, the dream of many people are increasingly likely.

This is why it has been informed Thinking of a great expansion in the future. It should be emphasized that all this is still a very early stage and so that we can see a supposed discipline of League of Legends, we are likely to have to wait sitting for an official response and so that we can see the first Olympic gold of the History in this sport.

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However, the possibility is still there, since Asia accepted this discipline as valid for the Asian games since 2018 and ended up being a success in full rule both in results and on spectators until its present. In addition, the TOO are gradually opening to sports much further away from the traditional as can be surf, skateboarder or even breakdance for Paris games in 2024. It will be necessary to see if this process goes on, and We can see an unpublished a League of Legends tournament where they face the two best nations in the world to win gold.

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