LOL  The two racing records that saved by EDG with their victory in the Worlds 2021

LOL The two racing records that saved by EDG with their victory in the Worlds 2021

FAKER It has been one of the unforeseen winners of the Final of the Worlds 2021. Although the Korean MID LATER has not been able to qualify for the Decisive Party of the World Cup of League of Legends, the Victory of Edward Gaming He has managed to preserve two historical milestones harvested by the Korean player throughout his professional career. A small victory personally for a player who still has a tour ahead and remains the best of all time.

DK vs EDG Game 2 Worlds 2021 Grand Final - DAMWON KIA vs EDWARD GAMING Game 2 Worlds 2021 Final

The two historical achievements of Faker saved by EDGE

The first of the achievements is probably the one who most had all the competitive fans in mind during the final. In case DWG KIA had won Edward Gaming, all the players of the organization except Khan could boast of achieving two world championships in a consecutive manner. A feat that would also equal the club s streak with SK Telecom and its record with that of historical organizations such as Samsung (current Gen. G).

Although perhaps something less present in the minds of League of Legends, it could also have been the occasion in which a person surpasses Faker s pal markets. Although without being a protagonist in the loyalty crack, Coma could have achieved its fourth invoked cup. He was the coach of SK Telecom (and by extension of Faker and Benji) during the glorious time of the club, and returned to Korea to take DWG Kia A for his second international trophy to equate the name of his new organization that of the teams More successful in history.

Even Scout, Player from Edward Gaming took this situation during the press conference after the final of the Worlds 2021, in which he said he was proud to avenge a Faked who was substitute in the past. A practically anecdotal circumstance that will prevent us from having to change the history books of League of Legends and that ends with any debate about which has been the most successful organizations and players of all time.

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