LOL   FINAL WORLDS DWG VS EDG  Korea and China Return the title again

LOL FINAL WORLDS DWG VS EDG Korea and China Return the title again

DK vs. EDG | Finals | Worlds 2021 | DWG KIA vs. Edward Gaming
The most important series of the year has arrived. The final of the worlds 2021 of League of Legends has been played today in Reykjavík, Iceland, between the champion of the LACK South Korean and the winner of LPL China. Damon Kia and Edward Gaming The faces were seen at a better five that puts the end point to a competitive season that started last January.

Although for some the fratricidal semifinal between Damon and T1 had the level to get on the topic Final Adela do, the reality is that it is a duel between players of the highest level and a whole opportunity for both teams. The Koreans sought to be the second set of history to get consecutive global, while in EDGE the trio of veterans Andre, Scout and Make was in front of the opportunity of put a golden brooch to your career.

Edward Gaming trusted the plan

EDGE took note of how bad Damon passed against T1 when they used picks slightly off meta. In fact, one of the used picks was clean, that such a good result gave Beria. The Koreans, on the other hand, opted for a proven draft efficiency with PowerPC for their fights such as Hakan, In Zhao or Leblanc, or ways to perform snowball effect like Riggs and Yahoo.

During the early game, Damon seemed a team with a simpler and proven efficiency plan, while EDGE sought long fights long thanks to Clean and its definitive, or the healing of bass that was so protagonist during these Worlds. They went well for the Chinese around the second herald, but soon it was clear that this DWG can not give it, no longer kills, but advantages in tempo.

But as a fan of Fernando Alonso, EDGE trusted the plan. A fight around the Nash or ended with a 5×0 in his favor. Damon s explosive damage paled against the chronometers and ultimate of Clean, allowing Edward to do so much that Nash or, as a soul dragon that would end up being key in Chinese victory on the first map.

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