Zelda  Ocarina of Time   Developer shows first portals from unpublished demo

Zelda Ocarina of Time Developer shows first portals from unpublished demo

Until The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time looked like we know it today, a lot has been tried and discarded again. Among other things, magical portals belonged to these experiments. The developer Giles Goddard has revealed some time ago. So far we only knew what Goddard has reported about it. Now we can give ourselves an impression. The developer shared a short video. Here you will learn everything you need to know about it.

Portal crystal in the video to see

That s why it works: Giles Goddard, who worked on Ocarina of Time, had spoken a few months ago from an early tech demo. This prototype contained magical portals developed by him in Castle Hyrule.

Goddard has also revealed more about the look and functioning in the frame, but now we get the chance to take a look at it for the first time. On Twitter, a fan asked if the developer still has a backup of the prototype. Then he answered with a short video.

Here you can watch it:

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Link to Twitter content

In the video we see a floating crystal to which a magical portal is bound. In his surface, what we had to expect on the other side would have had. Goddard also revealed that the portals would have been moving.

When the developer is asked for further content, he explains that he also possesses this, but no backups should have technically. Goddard has worked on various Nintendo titles, such as Super Mario 64.

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More painted content

Goddards portals are not the only content that has never made it into the final version of Ocarina of Time. In a great leak, also known as Nintendo Gigaleak, 2020 generated a lot of unpublished material – also from Ocarina of Time.

How Screenrant reported, Nintendo experimited during development still with the N64 hardware and used Zelda as a playground. Originally, for example, the areas have been larger and more populated with NPCs. However, this probably overwhelmed the console.

How do you like these moving portal crystals and finds your cut content exciting?

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